Twitter on Team Cardi B as She Threatens to 'Dog Walk' Fox News' Tomi Lahren in Epic Feud
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Tomi Lahren came after the "I Like It" rapper's intelligence, kicking off a scathing back-and-forth on Sunday morning that is likely not over yet.

Cardi B is not backing down her political stance during the ongoing government shutdown, she doesn't care what conservative Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren has to say about it, and Twitter is here for this Sunday morning show.

Let's just say it didn't go particularly well for the conservative commentator, who launched a brief back and forth exchange by attacking the "I Like It" rapper, who didn't appear to like it at all. But she got her fans all rallied up with her hilarious response where she simply said, "I will dog walk you."

They have no idea what it means. They've never heard it before. But they are absolutely in love with this new way to insult someone. It has so many layers and is open to so much interpretation.

None of it good, of course.

Surprisingly, while she got her digs in, every one of Cardi's responses were totally safe for work, which we can't say about her original anti-Trump rant that started this whole thing.

Lahren came after Cardi following an Instagram post on Saturday where the rapper suggested that Donald Trump's supporters should also work for no pay as so many government workers are being forced to do during the longest shutdown in American history.

mAkE aMeRicA GrEaT AgAIn ! Headass

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She even threw in a clown emoji to really drive her point home. The rapper also shared several shots of posters to social media, saying how honored she was to see so much support during Saturday's Women's March.

The March may love her, but Lahren becomes just the latest conservative voice to speak out against Cardi B even as liberal Democrats are trumpeting her voice.

Cardi found herself a sudden polarizing political figure after she posted an Instagram video on Thursday slamming the government shutdown and especially the reports that thousands of workers have been recalled to work, though they will have to continue working without pay.

The normally non-political performer hasn't back down from her new political platform, either, continuing to speak out against the shutdown in her unique and very NSFW way, and her fans are absolutely here for it. Check out some of their best responses to her latest move below, which got Lahren's name trending.

Remarkably, even though hers was the name trending, most of the responses were fully in support of Card B. Check it out:

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