Jenelle Evans Feels Jace's Dad Reached Out 'for Attention More Than Anything' on 'Teen Mom 2' (Exclusive)
'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

The reality star tells TooFab how she really feels after Andrew comes back out of the woodwork.

Jace's father Andrew Lewis re-entered the picture on tonight's "Teen Mom 2," hoping to reestablish contact with his son after being MIA for nine years.

Curious, however, was Andrew appearing to reach out to the show's producers about setting up the meeting and not Jenelle Evans or her mother, Barbara.

"I was not surprised when I heard Andrew contacted our producers," Jenelle told TooFab about the episode. "He pops in/out of my life every couple of years, then disappears again. I feel like he did it for attention more than anything because he didn't contact me first."

Barbara -- who has custody of Jace -- was the one who did all the talking when it came time to FaceTime with Andrew. While speaking with him, she pointed out that it's been nine years and neither he or anyone else in his family has made any attempt to contact them about Jace. She wondered why he decided to reach out now and expressed concerns about his sobriety. The conversation ended with Barbara telling Jenelle's ex she'd like to meet with him first, before allowing Jace to see him.

"He still has not seen Jace since he was 10 months old and there's no plans for Jace to meet Andrew at this time," Jenelle told us. "Maybe in the future."

"I think Andrew would have to show that he is a changed person and not have his old bad habits of drinking too much," she continued. "So far it seems like Andrew hasn't changed at all. I have been in contact with Andrew here and there over Facebook a few years back. He couldn't write complete sentences and seemed drunk by how he was typing/talking."

That being said, she said they're "still willing to talk to Andrew," because they would still "like for Jace to meet him." She added, "it's just not a good time right now."

Evans famously said on the show Andrew had left to become a "model in China," before popping up via webcam on a "Teen Mom 2" special for a few minutes back in 2017. On Tuesday's episode, he explained that went to college at USC, where he graduated with his bachelor's degree, before moving to New York.

When reminded about her flippant "model in China" comments on the show back in the day, Evans laughed. "That's so funny! I think that's came to an end for him," she added. "Supposedly he works at a hotel in NYC, but who knows."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.