Meet the Cast of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

Lindsay wants her "Ambassadors" to have fun ... but not THAT much fun.

Lindsay Lohan apparently has a weird fascination with Russian president Vladimir Putin, because for the second time in the three episodes of "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" so far, she's compared herself to the, uh, controversial figure.

In the premiere, she said she'd "become Putin" and have "no emotion when it comes to money and business" if her business partner Panos got soft. Tonight, she mentioned him again, saying "I feel like Putin" as she wielded a chrome champagne gun and began to shoot her employees.

Fun times in Mykonos, y'all!

Anyway, tonight's episode kicked off with Lohan and Panos talking about bringing in another bartender from the states to put their ambassadors on notice. They both believed some extra competition might make them all shape up a little more.

And judging from how disappointed they seemed in more than one of their employees throughout the hour, it's clear they need it.

So, why were the two bosses mad this week? Well, the biggest gripe they had was all the PDA going on between Brent and Sara. And, honestly, considering all the vile things he said about her last week, we're kinda ticked about it too.

While Panos seems okay with the staff getting frisky with their VIP guests, he doesn't want to see them doing it with each other, a sentiment shared by Lindsay. After DJ Alesso invited a few of them out to a gig in Mykonos -- NOT at Lindsay's spot -- Brent and Sara started making out at the club, and they were not having it.

"I don't give a shit about it," Panos said of the coupling. "We're not here to make couples, we're here to work. With coworkers hooking up, it's a recipe for disaster. I don't like what I'm seeing right now."

"Is this really happening?" Lohan exclaimed in a confessional. "This is not the time or the place when they're supposed to be working, not creating a romantic relationship. it's unacceptable."

Both of them viewed the invitation as a chance for their employees to schmooze with other club goers, talking up the Lohan Beach Club brand, something they were very pleased to see Jonitta do. Snaps for Jonitta!

Panos later called out Brent, but not Sara, during a staff meeting the next day. "Did you manage to speak to anyone and bring them here?" he asked. "The whole coupling thing, we need to change that."

Brent jokingly asked if he and Sara "should end it right now," in front of everyone, but the boss loved the suggestion. In a confessional, Brent added, "Who I sleep with is my own business, you can kiss my ass in that regard!"

Eventually, the new ambassador -- a 26-year-old half-Greek hottie named Alex who works at West Hollywood hot spot The Abbey -- showed up, disappointing all the women in the house when he revealed he's gay. Oh yeah, and did we mention he once hooked up with Mike, the bisexual bartender who's been flirting with Jules, hard? This should be interesting.

Anyway, Alex is a star, everyone loves him and all the other ambassadors better watch their backs.

Also, has anyone seen Billy? After being MIA in the premiere, but all over the place last week, he's shaping up to be a confusing addition to the cast.

"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Tuesdays on MTV.

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