Lexy Panterra Doubles Down on Cardi B's 'Twerk' Video Criticism: 'I Stand By My Words'
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The Instafamous fitness instructor explains why she's still "feeling a type of way."

Renowned twerk instructor Lexy Panterra is doubling down on her original stance against Cardi B and City Girls' "Twerk" music video.

When the boundary-pushing visual first dropped, Lexy took to Twitter to pose the question, "Where are the white girls in Cardi B's 'Twerk' video at?" The backlash was instant. She deleted the tweet and softened the message, saying she felt "there should have been some other ethnicities" present in the video. She eventually deleted that tweet, too.

Lexy elaborated on her position while appearing on "The Domenick Nati Show" Wednesday, saying she was under the impression the video was supposed to be based on the competition posed by the artists and not "a black empowerment movement."

On Nov. 9, Cardi B and the Miami-based hip-hip duo announced they were searching for 20 of the world's greatest twerkers to appear in their beautifully NSFW visual. The 20 finalists were flown to Miami to shake their you-know-whats off on the beach alongside Cardi, and one winner -- Jamaican Dancehall Queen Headtop Aneika -- received the grand prize of $25,000.

"I was expecting some powerful women's movement -- all ethnicities coming together doing this video -- especially someone like Cardi B, who has a lot of influence," Lexy said Wednesday. "This would have been a perfect time to be like, 'Hey, we can all do this,' which is what I've been working on with my class for a long time."

But Lexy feels the selections were based on "unfair" racial biases. She also made sure to note she did not audition to be in the video.

"So when I saw that, I just felt disappointed," she explained. "Some women turned that around and were like, 'This was supposed to be a black empowerment movement.' And honestly, that wasn't the initial video concept, at least that's not what the public thought it was supposed to be. We thought it was supposed to be a competition."

"I'm sure there was other ethnicities and girls that were just as good as who were picked as well but didn't get in the video, and so I was just feeling a type of way about it," she continued. "I know there's white chicks, I know there's Asian chicks, there's other girls that can twerk their butts off."

Of the initial tweets that drew blowback, Lexy said, "I stand by my words. I don't back down from that."

Lexy also spoke about her past relationship with Brooklyn Beckham, saying there was "zero chance" of them ever getting back together -- or even talking.

"He tried to reach out to me, but I'm pretty much ignoring it because there's nothing left to talk about or say," she said, adding that it was "a long-distance thing" that simply "wasn't working out."

Lexy also said she never saw any signs of a rocky marriage between David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, saying, "They're a pretty close family."

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