A Timeline of Nikki Bella and John Cena's Rollercoaster Relationship

"A lot's happened since I've seen you last, which has been a long time," Nikki tells Artem in the clip.

So long, John Cena! There might a new man in Nikki Bella's life.

In a preview for Sunday's new episode of "Total Bellas," Nikki reunites with her "Dancing with the Stars" partner Artem Chigvintsev for a lunch date. It seems to have gone well, as the WWE star and Russian hunk couldn't stop smiling at one another.

"Today I'm meeting Artem for lunch and Artem was my 'Dancing with the Stars' pro," Nikki says in a confessional. "The last time I saw Artem I was in a relationship for so long so I'm just really excited to see him today."

When Chigvintsev arrives at the restaurant, he and Nikki greet each other with a tight embrace. "How are you?" Chigvintsev says and Nikki replies, "Good, how are you?"

"It's been ages," he adds and Nikki says, "It has been ages."

As they both sit down, a smitten Nikki compliments Chigvintsev on his appearance. "You look good," she tells him. "That button-down shirt, a necklace."

"A lot's happened since I've seen you last, which has been a long time," she adds.

The reality star isn't exaggerating when she says a lot has gone down. If you recall, last season of "Total Bellas" documented everything from the exciting wedding planning to the ultimate heartbreaking ending to Nikki and Cena's six-year romance. So it looks like Nikki and Chigvintsev, who were partners during Season 25 of the reality competition show back in 2017, have much to catch up on.

"Yeah, it's been a while. You've been traveling?" Chigvintsev asks her and Nikki replies, "A lot." (Who can forget her wild bachelorette Parisian getaway last year?)

We'll have to wait for this Sunday's episode to see how the whole date goes down. However, there's a chance that Nikki and Chigvintsev might be currently dating. A source confirmed the news to People earlier this month.

"They've been spending time together for a long time, but it's nothing serious right now," the source said. "They have a strong attraction to each other, but they're just having fun. They're both extremely busy with their own careers, so they spend time together when they can."

The footage won't embed here, so watch it over at E!'s website.

"Total Bellas" airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on E!

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