Why Backstreet Boys Think This One Song of Theirs is the 'Biggest Piece of Crap'
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See which member of the band disagrees -- and he has every reason to as he sings the lead vocals on the song his bandmates despise.

Over the years the Backstreet Boys have had plenty of hit songs but there's one in particular they wish was never made.

In a new video to promote their upcoming album "DNA" the band took fans on a trip down memory lane, and weighed in on how they really feel about their early music.

When asked what their least favorite Backstreet Boys song was in the past 25 years most of them agreed on "If You Want to Be Good Girl (Get Yourself a Bad Boy)" from their second studio album "Backstreet's Back" released in 1997.

Kevin Richardson called it "horrible," while AJ McLean explained, "That song should've never been recorded. It is the biggest piece of crap."

Brian Littrell weighed in on the discussion, offering a potential reason why fans may have a different opinion.

"You know why the fans love that song? Because Nick [Carter]is singing the whole dang thing," he said, before imitating his bandmate singing in a nasal tone.

But Carter, who vocally held the lead in the song said, "I don't really have a song that I don't like."

Meanwhile, the boys, who have been together for more than two decades, expressed their gratitude and "everlasting" love for one another.

"We've been through -- and I'm not exaggerating when I say -- everything together," McLean explained.

"They are every bit a part of me, all four of them," Carter said, while Richardson added, "They're my brothers from another mother."

The #DNAuary videos on YouTube come as the band prepares to release their ninth studio album, titled "DNA," on Jan. 25.

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