Heather Dubrow Spills on Social Media Feud with Kelly Dodd and Possible Return to 'RHOC'
'Real Housewives' Before They Were Famous

Heather tells TooFab Kelly has yet to reach out after calling her "Skeletor" and "Joker Face," but that doesn't mean she's waiting around for an apology.

Heather Dubrow is over her feud with Kelly Dodd.

She's so over it, in fact, that she told TooFab she'd say hello to her the next time she saw her -- even if it was at Orangetheory Fitness.

To refresh your memory, the two were co-stars on "The Real Housewives of Orange County" until Heather left the show in 2016. In December of last year, Kelly secretly recorded Heather standing outside their gym -- Orangetheory -- and shared it on Instagram. In the three-part video, Kelly called Heather a "bitch" and complained she couldn't walk in until Heather left because she didn't want to run into her.

According to Heather, Kelly has yet to reach out, but that doesn't mean she's waiting around for an apology.

"It's just not so heavy. I don't have any weight on it. I don't really care. This is not my issue. If I ran into her tomorrow, I'd say hello," Heather told us, adding that if she happened to see Kelly at Orangetheory, she'd "purposefully say hello."

At the time, Heather called Kelly out for creeping on her during an episode of her podcast, "Heather Dubrow's World" -- but she gave TooFab a more lively version of events, which you'll have to check out in the video above.

Kelly wasn't too happy Heather had put her on blast, so she took to social media once again to call her former castmate "thirsty" and "fake" before getting even nastier with "Skeletor" and "Joker Face." Kelly also questioned why Heather was even at the gym in the first place, tweeting, "Don't you have a gym and personal trainer at your mansion that you wouldn't show the world?" In the same breath, Kelly claimed Heather "yelled" at her the first time the ladies ran into each other at the gym, but Heather told us that's simply not true.

Much like anyone in the public eye, Heather's not a stranger to mean comments. When asked if insults hurt more coming from a former castmate than they do an internet troll, Heather said no.

"I think in both scenarios, you have to know the source," she explained. "I think that the people whose opinion I would value over my character and judgement of things that I've done -- those opinions I value would mean something to me. I think anyone else's opinion really doesn't matter."

"I'm not sure many lessons were learned in this whole scenario, but you know what, it is what it is," she added. "It's fine. It made me laugh."

Regarding a possible return to "RHOC," Heather said, "Never say never."

"I don't know! If you had asked me eight years ago, 'Would you ever do a reality show,' I'd be like, 'Nooo! Not happening!' And here we are. So I say 'never say never' because I do so many things I never knew I was ever gonna do, so who knows," she said before adding, "Not imminently, how about that?"

We'll take it!

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