Jimmy Kimmel Recruits 'Ryan Reynolds' and 'Rihanna' to Send Ellen DeGeneres Birthday Messages
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Inside Ellen DeGeneres' 60th Birthday Bash Packed With Famous Friends

Ellen's BFF Miley Cyrus also stopped by the show to honor the daytime host with an electric performance.

Jimmy Kimmel showered Ellen with an interesting gift for her 61st milestone.

While appearing on her birthday episode of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which aired Monday, the late-night host recruited some A-list celebrities to give Ellen special shoutouts on her big day -- well, sort of.

"I do have a gift for you," Kimmel told Ellen. "Do you remember? Oprah used to do this a lot before she abandoned us and moved to Hawaii. On Oprah's birthday, celebrities would make a tape and then they'd show the tape and you'd just see all these stars -- big, big, big stars -- saying happy birthday. We've done that for you as well."

The clip showed "Ryan Reynolds," "Rihanna," "Tom Hanks," "Jennifer Lawrence" and more sending Ellen birthday wishes. However, they were just regular people with celebrity names.

Katie Perry from Carlsbad, CA said, "Happy Birthday! I'd sing you happy birthday, but I'm not that Katy Perry!"

Rihanna, who appeared to not use her last name like the singer, introduced herself as "Good Girl RiRi" to separate herself from the songstress, who often goes by "Bad Girl RiRi."

"[She's] the more rich and more famous version of me," the fan said. "Rihanna from Mesa, Arizona. Just wanted to say happy birthday, the world is a much better place because of you."

"Ryan Reynolds" offered a sweet message as well. "Hi Ellen, this is Ryan Reynolds from Dallas, Texas. I just want to say I think you are without a doubt an amazing person. Happy birthday, from you know, the other Ryan Reynolds."

Although they weren't really celebrities, Ellen seemed to love Kimmel's gift anyway. "That's hilarious!" she said and Kimmel replied. "Not the people, but it's the same sentiment."

Ellen's close friend and real A-lister, Miley Cyrus, stopped by the show with Mark Ronson to sing their hit "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart." Per usual, Miley slayed the song and even wore special jewelry in honor of the birthday girl: earrings that were tiny replicas of Ellen's 1997 Time cover, where she first publicly came out.

"These are my special birthday earrings for Ellen," Miley said. "One of the million reasons why you are just inspiring and I'm always happy to be here and be on your show."

Check out the incredible performance below.

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