'RHONY' Sneak Peek: Bethenny Mourns Dennis, Sonja Faceplants in Miami, Luann and Dorinda Feud Over Jovani Debacle
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Also on this season, Bethenny calls Sonja a "hooker," naked chefs inhabit Dorinda's Berkshires kitchen, and a plethora of passionate kisses are shared.

The first official trailer for Season 11 of "The Real Housewives of New York" is here!

We suggest you buckle up.

It looks like Luann de Lesseps and Dorinda Medley are still at odds over the whole Jovani debacle that went down at Lu's cabaret show last year. Bethenny Frankel tries to play mediator, but it ends up backfiring. "I didn't heckle the Jovani!" Dorinda insists before crying to Lu's friend that their feud "has gotta end because I will not get sick over this!"

Later, Lu -- who's on parole after last year's drunken Palm Beach arrest -- makes a sly comment about Dorinda's drinking habits. Cameras then capture a scene in which Dorinda's on the phone with someone, shouting and slurring, "When I say to you, 'Don't do something,' you better f--king well listen!"

But Lu's too focused on her cabaret show to care about any of the drama. Unfortunately, that winds up causing her issues with Bethenny.

"Nine months ago, I was in jail -- and now, I'm a cabaret star!" she tells the camera. Fast-forward to Bethenny losing it on Lu, shouting across the table, "I can't even believe you act this way! Cabaret. Cabaret. Cabaret all day. Life is not a cabaret! You are insufferable. You're a sicko!"

Bethenny also opens up about her late boyfriend, Dennis, who died in August after a suspected drug overdose.

"There was a lot in my mind about him dying," she says tearfully, admitting she "could not get off the ride."

"I feel guilty that the only way I got off the ride is that he's dead," she adds.

Although Jill Zarin won't be making her highly anticipated return as a Housewife, she does come back in the form of a friend -- but maybe not to Bethenny.

"Why is she talking behind my back at all, saying any negative thing about me whatsoever, in any capacity?" Bethenny's seen venting to Dorinda.

Elsewhere, Tinsley Mortimer has an emotional breakdown over her relationship with Scott.

"Until I have a ring on my finger, I'm not gonna leave New York," she tells the ladies, later sobbing, "I'm miserable. I'm literally f--king miserable."

"We have to pull you out of this," a concerned Bethenny says to her castmate.

Sonja Morgan, Tinsley's former "house-mom," later vents during a confessional, "You look up insecurity in the dictionary, and there's Tinsley!"

Over on the Ramona Coaster, Ms. Singer is still on the hunt for Mr. Right -- or is she looking for Mr. Right Now?

"I admit it -- I'm into hot sex," she tells Sonja as footage of her doting on men (including ex-husband Mario!) flashes across the screen.

The girls also take what looks like an epic trip to Miami, where Sonja throws back one too many cocktails. While falling asleep at the dining room table of their gorgeous Miami mansion (in what appears to be a drunken stupor), Sonja winds up falling out of her chair and smashing her face on the edge of the table! Based on what the trailer teases, medics end up getting called.

Also on this season, Bethenny calls Sonja a "hooker" (in the most endearing way possible), Luann jumps into a pool fully clothed, naked chefs inhabit Dorinda's Berkshires kitchen, and a plethora of passionate kisses are shared among the ladies.

Season 11 of "The Real Housewives of New York" premieres Wednesday, March 6 at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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