'Vanderpump Rules' SURver Scuffle: Lala Unloads on Billie Before Sandoval Reveals Lala and Ariana Hooked Up
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"You told something that is not your business to tell!" Ariana shouts at Sandoval.

Just when we think "Vanderpump Rules" can't get any more insane, we're proven wrong.

Monday's new hour documented a super heated conversation between Lala Kent and Billie Lee. Lala was still pissed Billie had insinuated that she and the other SURvers were transphobic for not personally inviting her to their girls night event. Billie -- a transgender woman -- tried to explain why she felt "triggered" by being excluded from an all-girl event, and Lala tried to explain it was not done intentionally. But neither girl was willing to see the other's side.

"You're coming from a cis point of view. I am coming from a trans experience!" Billie shouted at Lala during the tail end of their conversation. That's when Lala got up. "And that is it for me," she said. "You're dismissed."

Lala left the room and made her way out into Scheana Marie's living room -- where people were trying to enjoy a nice housewarming party -- but Billie followed her out, yelling, "You're not f--king better than me, Lala! You got that?! You're not better than everyone just because you have a f--king rich boyfriend! You f--king privilege ass."

"You're pathetic," Lala replied. "The fact that you just took that to my man, Billie, you're a f--king lowdown ho. You were not excluded on purpose. That was so f--ked up of you to do. You put it on social media!"

"IT'S ALL ON SOCIAL MEDIA!" Billie fired back. Lala told Billie she was acting "like a f--king psychopath."

"You are a catty bitch," Lala continued. "That's why people don't f--k with you -- 'cause you showed your asshole!"

"You are constantly talking shit about people!" Billie hurled back. As Lala made her way out of the apartment, she shouted, "It's not about other people! It's about you! Stop flipping the script. You're lowdown. You're dirty."

We'll give you a second to catch your breath before we dive into the next insane moment of the evening.

Ready? Good.

Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Jax Taylor, Peter Madrigal and even James Kennedy gathered at a local bar to celebrate Sandoval's birthday. Somehow, the topic of their girls/girlfriends/fiancées/wives making out with girls came up in conversation.

"I don't know if I ever told you this," Sandoval began. "Ariana and Lala had been out all day drinking, and they were wasted. They're in my car, and Lala goes, 'Sorry, Sando, I'm just in love with your girl right now. Ariana, will you climb in the backseat? I just wanna eat your p---y.' Ariana climbs in the back, and Lala just started going to f--king town, dude!"

The guys were living for the story and asked Sandoval if a threesome had followed. Unfortunately for "Sando," he never got an invite to join. James then started chiming in about all the stuff Lala did with him when they used to have sex. (Why. Is. He. Like. This.)

Long story short, word got back to Ariana, and she was livid. "Are you f--king kidding me?!" she said as Tom cluelessly approached her.

"It's not that big of a deal," he insisted.

"I'm sorry, but it's my business," she replied sternly. "You told something that is not your business to tell without running it by the people who were really involved."

Ariana has dated women in the past, but as she explained in her confessional, "I'm not embarrassed or ashamed of what happened between Lala and I, but I do feel like Tom betrayed my trust by telling the story to his guy friends. My sexuality is not something that is meant to like sound cool to a bunch of dudes."


"Vanderpump Rules" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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