Meet the Cast of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

Jonitta tells TooFab she's "grown up" a lot since her attack on costar Gabi.

Fists were flying in Mykonos on Tuesday night, after two Ambassadors on "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" got into a physical altercation in the new episode.

Tensions between Gabi and the rest of the house were at an all time high, before Jonitta utterly unleashed on the girl when she reached her boiling point. As the two got into a heated discussion after a night out, Jonitta escalated things by delivering a karate chop to Gabi's head, a moment she tells TooFab she really wishes she could take back.

"My biggest regret would definitely be the physical altercation that I got into," she told us before the episode aired. "Just because I wanted to prove a point that going in and having grown up in a life of struggle, you can overcome that. I earned my stereotype badge, people that are raised on survival see things differently than people who are raised on love."

The camaraderie in the house had been off since Day One, after many of the cast members found Gabi to be a little too extra for their liking. She was labeled as "too emotional," "too loud" and "annoying" by her costars, but Jonitta was particularly irked by the pink-haired server's behavior.

"It literally irritates the shit out of me when I see a thirsty, desperate for attention ass female," she complained during the episode. "Like Gabi, you don't have to do so much and actually you would be more attractive if you didn't do so much."

The situation got worse when, on a night off from work, Gabi ran up to Jonitta's date at a club and kissed him on the cheeks before Jonitta even had a chance to say hello. "That's not how you greet your roommate's date," complained Jonitta, "You don't greet you roommate's date at all!"

When Jonitta confronted Gabi about it when they got home, the latter just said she was being European, but Jonitta was not having it. "Next time I invite a guy out, don't be so thirsty to run up to him," she shouted at her. Gabi: "I do not want to f--k your man! If you want to be upset I said hi to somebody, that's on you." Gabi then began to walk out, touching Jonitta on the leg before she left, prompting Jonitta to say, "Don't touch me again!"

She did ... and then got smacked in the face.

"I've grown a lot since then and that's going to be very hard to watch," Jonitta told TooFab. "I had a lot of bottled up anger, so that was my biggest regret, being so angry inside and not knowing I had that inside me."

The episode ended with Panos, Lohan's business partner, seeing the footage and freaking out. He held a group meeting to discuss what happened and told Jonitta she'd have to talk to Lindsay about it, as Lohan -- a domestic abuse survivor herself -- doesn't tolerate violence. Lindsay's talk with Jonitta will air next week, but it doesn't look good. "I'm not gonna have it. It's unacceptable," Lohan was seen telling the cast in a sneak peek.

While her fate on the show remains to be seen, Jonitta told TooFab that she and Gabi "coexist" now. "I think the fight actually brought us closer, it just shows that we both had a lot of room for growth and we were both immature in our own ways," she added. "I think she learned from the experience and I know I definitely learned from the experience."

Starting next week, "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" moves to a new night on MTV. Beginning February 4, the series will air Mondays at 10pm, following "Teen Mom 2."