Trump Confidant Chris Christie Gets 'Loaded' on George Clooney's Tequila, Tells Colbert President 'Blew It'
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"I said this to him, 'If you're gonna do this, you better have an exit plan,'" the former Republican governor tells Colbert.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie stopped by "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" Tuesday night to promote his new book, "Let Me Finish," but as soon as the tequila started flowing, the conversation took a turn.

"Why write a book, Governor?" Colbert asked, to which Christie replied, "Listen, before we get to that, are we drinking tonight or not? Me and you?"

Out comes "that liberal George Clooney tequila," Casamigos. "I hope you don't mind!" the comedian said to his conservative guest.

"Let me tell you something, if it gets me loaded, I don't care," Christie quipped. "Liberal, conservative, who cares!"

Colbert then jumped right into the topic of President Donald Trump's government shutdown, asking Christie when he thought "the wheels came off."

"The president blew it," Christie said earnestly. Colbert asked, "When?"

"When he shut the government down with no plan on how to reopen it," Christie replied. When Colbert asked his guest if he felt the shutdown was "entirely [Trump's] fault," Christie nodded his head yes.

Christie -- a longtime ally of the president -- said he met with him in the White House last month before the shutdown began. Christie said he told Trump to make sure something would be gained from a potential shutdown and to "have an exit plan, because sometimes in politics, things don't go the way you expect."

"'And so if it doesn't go well in the first couple of days, you gotta have a way to get it back open,'" Christie recalled telling Trump. "And I don't think -- given that it went 35 days -- he had a plan."

"And he got 'goose-egged,' I believe is the technical term," Colbert added.

"Yes, in politics, we called that 'getting rolled,'" Christie replied.

"Oh, Cardi B calls it, 'I will dog walk you,'" Colbert said, referencing the hip-hop star's recent Twitter spat with Tomi Lahren.

"That great political philosopher, Cardi B," Christie said with a laugh.

Toward the end of the eight-minute segment, Christie admitted to Colbert that Trump had indeed "turned the Republican party into something different" than what he felt it was when he started to run for president.

"Yeah, the Kremlin!" the comedian quipped.

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