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One Houseguest can't even muster up the nerve to face the '70s horror film inspired Head of Household competition.

Props to the production team on "Celebrity Big Brother" for a Head of Household competition that proved too terrifying for one Houseguest to even start.

Inspired by '70s horror and slasher films, the Houseguests found themselves confronting a dilapidated home in pitch blackness with nothing but a small light on their heads to navigate through it. Filled with a crazy family wearing masks and harnessing the power of chainsaws, baseball bats and more, it was a genuinely spooky and very cool challenge.

"Big Brother" gets a lot of crap for some of its cheesier comps, but this one was top-notch all the way. And it definitely put the Houseguests' jumpiness to the test. If you can handle a haunted house without even raising your heartbeat, you should have no problem.

If you're Tamar Braxton, on the other hand, you're screaming in the front yard before you even step into the house. And one she did step into the house, she made it into the first room and that was it. Once the guy with the chainsaw showed up, she was out of there.

"Listen, I was on the block last week and I know I need to win this HOH more than ever, but let me tel you something, I don't do haunted houses, I don't do no Halloween honey, I don't do clowns," she said. "I don't do none of that stuff that's gonna scare me. No."

Power of the Publicist

Lucky for Tamar, America had her back on this one. Even though she blew her own shot at having an HOH reign of her own, she was granted the "Power of the Publicist," as voted on by America. This gives her the ability to pull herself off of the block one time and lasts until February 4.

This is an incredibly powerful tool if she's smart and uses it to her advantage. If she can stay off the block during a regular nomination ceremony, she can absolutely destroy a backdoor plan. The problem for Tamar, though, is that no one is really singling her out as the biggest problem in the house.

In fact, Tom Green and Kato Kaelin are kind of seeing things completely different. They're looking at the biggest physical threats in the house (outside of their alliance) and seeing them as bigger targets than Tamar. She may be at the heart of a lot of drama in the house, but she's someone they feel they can beat now and in the end.

Slaughter HOH

While it was a very cool HOH competition and some people simply sailed through it, it was definitely more fun to watch the more squeamish among them like Tamra and Natalie Eva Marie try and make their way through it. To Natalie's credit, she did make it through the entire competition, but we can't imagine the house not hearing all those screams.

The gap in times showed a pretty clear divide between the stronger competitors in this unique situation and it remains surprising to see Kato Kaelin and Tom Green doing so well as physical competitors. Tamar was obviously at the bottom as she timed out, but she was down there with Dina, Natalie and Kandi.

Natalie was the best of them, and honestly only did so poorly because of how jumpy she was throughout the competition. Otherwise, she would have probably been in the mix with the top four, who all finished within just over a minute of one another. Joey came in fourth, just behind Lolo and Ricky, with Tom impressing everyone with a 3:07 finish time, a full 37 second spread between him and Ricky.

All four were completely nonplussed by all the shenanigans in the house, which certainly helped them sail through the otherwise fairly straightforward challenge. But it was Tom's victory, and coming on the heels of his Veto win, he and Kato are really taking a run at this thing.

Houseguest Report Cards

Tom Green continues to play a very smart game, and we got a glimpse of just how intensely he is thinking through every variable of this game, not just during this HOH but all the way through to the end. It's that kind of forward thinking and planning that wins "Big Brother." And even though he miscalculated who got the power (he suspected three people and nominated the wrong two in an attempt to flush it out), he's still playing a very shrewd game and on the cusp of securing the numbers to make a run. Grade: A+

Kato Kaelin is right there by Tom's side, bouncing ideas off of him and proving that while he plays with a bigger heart and a more optimistic view of people, he's just as savvy in how to make it through this game. He's proven himself a strong physical competitor, surprising everyone, and is in the single strongest alliance the game has created yet this season. Grade: A+

Natalie Eva Marie is in the second-strongest alliance of the season (though we'd consider arguments it's stronger or equal) with Lolo Jones. The girls are definitely playing a strong and competitive game, but we haven't seen the level of strategic insight from them that we're seeing from Tom and Kato. That said, they've aligned themselves perfectly and at the right time, and on paper they should both be able to beat the boys in a physical competition and perch themselves atop the pyramid when the time comes. Grade: A

Lolo Jones showed her compassion and her competitive drive, mourning the loss of Ryan and struggling with her role in it, while fully understanding why it was the right move at the right time. Her volatile temper is something she's working on, but it's the only thing that could hurt her game should the other players decide to make decisions based on non-strategic gameplay factors. So far, that hasn't been the case and in a heightened game like this with such a tight schedule, it may never become the case. Grade: A

Tamar Braxton rises in the ranks tonight because she won over the support of America -- who are probably enjoying the same antics that are driving her roommates crazy -- and got an incredible power. It makes her safe the next time she's on the block (through 2/4), so hopefully it will also allow her to calm down a little. We still love her intelligence in the game, but her social game has been a mess, and that's being generous. It's not too late because no one is threatened by her, but she needs to calm it all the way down and come to play! Grade: B

Dina Lohan continues to ride the middle of the house, and she will continue to float until either she does something to get noticed or everyone else who's a bigger target than her is eliminated by whichever alliance emerges with the power. And right now it ain't hers, so float on, Dina. Grade: C

Kandi Burruss was invited into a new alliance with Tamar and Dina by Joey, knowing that his back was against the wall. And while it sounds great on paper, he doesn't know that Ricky is also gunning for him and that means the power alliance is officially/unofficially five and after Tom's HOH win, they've got the power. Kandi continues to lie low, so it's not impacting her much. She was put on the block in an attempt to flush a power she doesn't have, but we can't imagine she's the target just yet. Soon enough, though. Grade: C

Joey Lawrence joins Kandi on the block, but he is the direct target of Tom's unnamed alliance (we like Team Fun, Tom). He's not the potential backdoor target, but if that doesn't work, the group would have no problem sending Joey out the door on the heels of his brief ally Ryan Lochte. And Joey hasn't done anything to change his fate, though we're not sure he could at this point. His last-minute alliance after saying he didn't believe in them was too little, too late and definitely not with the strongest players, as Tamar pointed out. Grade: D

Ricky Williams has been playing the middle all game, and when he was finally invited into an alliance that agreed with what he wanted to do, he had to bristle under those confines and immediately make them uncomfortable by basically vetoing the very idea of naming the alliance. And just like that, he's Tom's secret backdoor target. He's a huge physical threat and now he's ostracized himself from the social camaraderie of the alliance. We're not sure if the girls are fully on board this backdoor strategy, but Ricky's odd notion that it's too soon for alliances just makes him look like someone who stopped watching "Big Brother" after Season 2. It's not too early, it's too late. Grade: D-

House Chatter

"What's gonna happen after? So you get rid of me, then what happens? You guys are all gonna cannibalize each other. It's gonna be brutal. If you need me as a pawn to mix it up, 'cause you're gonna have to break some of that up. You have to." Joey

"All my alliance needs to do now is win HOH. Hopefully it's me. I wanna be HOH." Tom

"I just voted against Team USA." Lolo (after voting to evict Ryan)

"That is like this, dude. They're gonna cannibalize this until they're the final one. This will balance that right here. Right now, if we have four, we walk out of here knowing that we got each other's backs." Joey (telling Kandi, Tamar and Dina about Tom, Kato, Natalie, Lolo alliance)

"You wanna have an alliance with you, me, Kandi who ain't gonna do nothing physical and Dina. Against the bootleg superheroes? No, that's not gonna work. We gonna lose." Tamar (in confessional)

"I love scary movies, I can do haunted houses. This is finally something that I feel like I could possibly win." Kandi

"There's a person on the couch. Does the person have the keys on 'em?" Tamar (one step into the house ... she screams and quit a few seconds later)

"I don't know, I'm more scared of not winning HOH than anything that's in that house." Tom (moving through it like it's nothing)

"Once you get past the guy with a chainsaw, a dead body in the bathtub is like seeing your grandma with an apple pie." Lolo

"Get lost, pal." Joey (not scared at all by guy in the backseat)

"T.G. HOH. Doing it. This is amazing, I can't believe it. Now we're going to decimate this house. No, that's too much. I shouldn't let power go to my head like that." Tom

"Are you in an alliance with everybody else?" Kandi (to Tom) "What are you doing?" Tom (smoooth!)

"I'm thinking it's a little early for this. I'll sign up but I'm not so sure. Yes, for now." Ricky (after being proposed a "new" alliance with the existing power four)

"Ricky's kind of part of my alliance now, but I'm actually thinking, 'Ricky you're the biggest threat in the house. What about you, Ricky? What about you, Ricky?" Tom (confessional)

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