Christina Aguilera's Craziest Looks

In Jimmy Kimmel's latest prank, the "Stronger" singer is hiding and singing from the backroom until she's ready to really shock them by delivering their donuts.

Jimmy Kimmel may have come up with his most joyous prank yet, with Christina Aguilera gamely agreeing to serenade donut shoppers with ad-libbed lyrics about them.

Honestly, this is one of the most adorable things we've ever seen, and we've seen kittens and puppies wrestling together. The prank was set up at a real Los Angeles donut shop across the street from where "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is taped. They set up a sound system and cameras so Christina could see the patrons from the back room and sing about them.

And that's what she did. To the tunes of her greatest hits she shook up the lyrics to be about the various people waiting in line and even interacted with them through the lyrics, lobbing compliments their way even when they were wearing all denim, or as she sang, a "Canadian tuxedo."

After properly freaking them out once they realized she was singing about them, Aguilera took their state of shock to the next level by emerging from the back room to hand deliver their donut, and keep singing.

This is a world-class vocalist singing directly to these people, and they absolutely felt every bit of how special that was. And Aguilera was not holding back with he voice, though we're not sure she even knows how.

She worked her way through parodies of her greatest hits from "Genie in a Bottle" through "Lady Marmalade" and "Stronger."

Let's face it, donuts are going to make people happy anyway. But if you can also treat them to the silky vocals of Christina Aguilera and she's singing about them -- and in many cases calling them cute -- these people are having one of the best days of their lives.

Kimmel debuted this as the first installment of "Undercover Sing," but we hope it's not the last. If Aguilera isn't available, maybe he could ask one of those random singers his wife sneaks into their bedroom at night to jump on his bed and wake him up with a private concert.

If they're game to take part in that prank in the middle of the night, we're pretty confident they'd be up for making people's days so much brighter just by doing what they already love to do. It's a win for them, a win for the customers, and the viewers at home. Seriously, we can't stop smiling about this.

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