Meet the Cast of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

Lohan says she consulted with Oprah on how to handle her employees' out of control behavior.

Lindsay Lohan went into boss mode on Monday's new episode of "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club," after a physical altercation from last week needed some major mediation from the HBIC.

In case you missed it, Jonitta smacked housemate Gabi after tensions between the two costars reached an all time high. As a survivor of abuse, Lohan doesn't tolerate violence of any kind, especially from two women representing her brand.

Sitting the ladies down, Lindsay said that yes, she could relate to doing something stupid in the moment out of anger, exhaustion or, "in the past," having a drink or two. Referring to her ex-boyfriend allegedly assaulting her on the same beach where her club now stands, she teared up as she told her employees, "Listen, on this beach, when I was here 2 years ago, I'm gonna try talking about this, to overcome all the stuff I was put through in that one moment means a lot to me and I sure as hell don't want to send someone else home when you guys have so much potential and a great opportunity."

She then made it very clear: "Another woman cannot hit another woman. Especially with what we're going through in the world these days, they should be doing the opposite, coming together and saying he's not worth it." With that, the two were willing to put the past behind them, for now at least.

Lohan then met with the rest of the cast, where she chastised the men in the group for not "protecting the girls" and the women for not "protecting each other" during the argument. "The last thing we can do is hate on each other," she added, before sharing a story about how she was checked on a film set back int he day.

"I was working with a woman and I was late to set one day on one of my movies. I was I think 30 minutes late and I was livid because she made a whole issue of it, stomping on set," she explained. "I'm not gonna say who it is, but it put me in my place. Don't be 30 minutes late." [The film was likely "Georgia Rule," where Lohan's tardiness and Jane Fonda's disappointment over it were both well-documented.]

After telling them she thought about firing them all -- and turned to Oprah for guidance on how to handle the situation -- Lindsay lets them all stay, for now. But, to light a fire under their butts, she and Panos also brought on two new servers, Kyle and "The Challenge" alum Kailah Casillas.

Elsewhere, Mike and May had a brutal fight about doing the dishes (yes, this is really a thing), before Sara and Brent went at it again inside the house. Why? She was "uncomfortable" about his behavior around some models -- the VIP clients he was assigned to -- and he thought she was having "second thoughts" about their relationship.

It exploded when Sara and Jonitta decided to move all of his stuff out of her room while he was eating in the other room. Brent was NOT happy, Jonitta kept threatening to smack him with hair gel, producers jumped into the fray and Sara stormed out in tears.

The episode ended with Lohan rating the employees, calling May "lazy." She also called Jules "useless," before adding that she's "a great girl, a beautiful person, maybe she'll be Taylor Swift one day and that's cool." Okay? She was also still hung up on Gabi being in a bra when they first met, something she still believes wasn't "respectful," even though Lindsay surprised them all at their home while they were enjoying the pool.

It looks like someone's about to get the chop. Our guess, based on the footage in the trailer for the rest of the season: Jules.

We'll see when "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Mondays on MTV.