'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club' Star Reacts to Backlash for Nasty Comments, Shades 'Vanderpump Rules'
Meet the Cast of 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

Sara took Brent back after he threw a bunch of vile comments her way -- but they tell TooFab there's a lot you didn't see on MTV.

Regrets? Brent Marks has more than a few.

The "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" star put quite a target on his back with viewers after his explosion on coworker, roommate and love interest Sara Tariq in the second episode. But he was't the only one getting backlash from fans, as Sara herself at the end of some online hate when she took him back the very next week.

Speaking with Toofab, the two and costar Jonitta Wallace swear it wasn't easy for him to win her back and explained that a lot of the footage wound up on the cutting room floor. They also opened up about what it was really like to work for LiLo and threw a little shade at the stars of "Vanderpump Rules" while they were at it.

In case you missed it, Brent got drunk and started talking smack about Sara -- who he was interested in -- when he heard she maybe kinda thought another guy in the house was cute too. He unloaded, saying all the women in the house we "ugly," adding that he was "surrounded by 2s" and Sara needed to lose "seven pounds" while comparing her to "gum stuck on the bottom of my shoe that won't go away."

Yeah, it wasn't cute. She heard and doused him with a bottle of tequila, only to hook up with him again the next episode.

"Episode 2, nothing but regrets," Brent said looking back. "But it worked out. I feel like that argument really brought us together. I was very sweet to her, very apologetic." Sara said it was "very emotional" to revisit the fight when it aired, adding, "I didn't remember all of the things he said that night, so watching that back was pretty hurtful."

"Reliving that was really hard. I was cringing and MTV put me on blast with that throw-up," Brent recalled. "It was my job to make it up to her."

They both admitted they've seen some of the backlash about them on social media, but tried to explain that viewers didn't get the full picture. "Me taking Brent back after all the things he said is getting me a bunch of flack, but people don't realize a lot of stuff happened off camera," said Sara. "We built a different type relationship that you didn't get to see, because there's so much going on. It wasn't easy, I promise."

"I was complimenting her 24/7, every time we got in the van and they didn't show that," added Brent.

Jonitta wasn't too thrilled to see the fight play out on TV either, joking, "Had I known that he called me a 2 too, I probably would have had double glasses of tequila to throw at him."

If all the fights, hookups and work drama from a group of servers, bartenders and hosts sounds familiar, "Vanderpump Rules" has been doing it for years over on Bravo -- but Brent really doesn't see a correlation between the two shows.

"My issue is, I don't do comparisons, you got them who are working in a boutique restaurant in West Hollywood with no room for growth and us, with Lindsay, who is opening clubs all over the world, how do you compare?" he said. "'Vanderpump Rules' is, I don't know, seven seasons in and most of them are still working in a boutique restaurant in West Hollywood. I was doing that when I was a kid, I don't like to compare it."

That being said, Jonitta added she "would be a lot happier with a Jax in the house."

"Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club" airs Mondays on MTV.