John Wayne Bobbitt Sends Lorena Valentine's Cards, She Says 'Just Leave Me Alone!'
Infamous Faces of the '90s: Where Are They Now?

25 years after becoming notorious for cutting of her then-husband's penis, Lorena speaks out.

Considering everything that happened between them, Lorena Bobbitt is very confused her ex-husband still tries to keep in touch with her.

Back in 1993, the Bobbitts became tabloid staples when she cut off her husband's penis while he slept, making headlines everywhere. Lorena later accused John of physical and sexual abuse, her husband's member was reattached and she was acquitted of all criminal charges, the jury labeling her temporarily insane due to abuse and mental illness. They then got divorced.

Speaking to "TODAY" about her upcoming documentary, simply called "Lorena," Bobbitt -- who now goes by Lorena Gallo -- revealed her ex has reached out to her numerous times over the years.

"Repeatedly, on many occasions. I don't know why, I'm guessing control," she explained. "Valentine's cards, notes, love notes. I'm like look at me, 'I did this to you. Just leave me alone.'"

She was also asked if she regretted her actions.

"Oh, my god, how could you regret something that was not planned," Lorena replied. "I mean, how could you -- you have to understand. I wasn't in my right mind-set."

She understands why there was so much attention paid to the case -- saying "because just the act, that it was a severe organ, a male organ. That changes the whole perspective of this story" -- but hopes people can now see the "real story" behind the scenes.

"The real story here is about a victim, about domestic violence," she said. "I don't remember anything how it happened, but I honestly don't even want to know what happened because I will be traumatized again."

With the documentary hitting Amazon Prime next week, it's her hope that the renewed interest in case sparks change, especially in the #MeToo era.

"I believed that this is a gift and if I can help change a life, then my mission is worth it," she said. "I think my story, the documentary, will push that conversation again on the table and say look, it happened 25 years ago, but things are not changing much."

"Lorena," produced by Jordan Peele, drops February 15 on Amazon Prime.

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