You Won't Believe What Matthew McConaughey Thought Busy Philipps' Name Was
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'Dawson's Creek': Then & Now

Joined on "Busy Tonight" by BFF Michelle Williams, the talk-show host spills on her hilarious first encounter with the notoriously chill actor.

Busy Philipps has an admittedly interesting name, but Matthew McConaughey made "Busy" sound common when he first met the "Dawson's Creek" alum and thought he heard her say something totally different.

During a hilarious segment of "Actual Hot Goss" on Thursday's episode of "Busy Tonight," the talk-show host and her guest, Michelle Williams, slipped into matching towels and sat side by side inside a steamy sauna to reminisce on some of the most iconic memories they've collected over the last 18 years of friendship.

While breaking a sweat, the pals recalled a party they had attended with Michelle's then-boyfriend, Heath Ledger, and Busy's now-husband, Marc Silverstein, for a "Brokeback Mountain" event back in the early 2000s. That's where they met the notoriously chill actor from Texas.

"I said, 'How're you doing? How's it going?'" Michelle recalled before going into her best McConaughey impression. "'Life's good, work's good, heart's good.'"

Busy added to the McConaughey impersonation, "'I got a beautiful lady on my arm. If my biggest problem is the paparazzi, I'd say I got it made in the shade.'"

"When he said goodbye to us," Busy continued, "he said, 'Well, Heath and Michelle, best of luck to you in the coming weeks with 'Brokeback Mountain.' Marc, it was lovely to meet you.'"

"'Whimsy, it was lovely to meet you, too,'" Michelle tacked on to the end of Busy's sentence, still in full-on McConaughey voice.

Busy imagined the actor's struggle to remember her name. "'F--k, it's something weird. It's something weird. What is your name? Whimsy!'" she joked.

Busy and Michelle also chatted about the time they met Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill at the Golden Globes many moons ago, confessing that they had hoped to score an invite to hang out with the pals after the show.

"Remember, we thought maybe they would ask us to go hang out, and then we realized that we're women in our mid-30s?" Busy said as Michelle simultaneously blurted out, "Moms."

"I remember, specifically, Leonardo DiCaprio laughing at something I said and looking at me, and it was like the first time, maybe ever in his life, he'd looked at a 38-year-old woman," Busy said with a laugh. "I did feel like, in that moment, he looked at me, and he was like, 'Oh, she's not -- that's not bad!'"

See every hilarious moment from the ladies' sweat sesh in the video below.

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