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Jimmy Kimmel stages an over-the-top ceremony, complete with a Super Bowl surprise, to help Affleck say goodbye to the DC Comics superhero.

Ben Affleck is officially dunzo as the Caped Crusader but he had three final words to say in character as he enjoyed a dramatic farwell ceremony on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Affleck has played Batman across three films in the DC Extended Universe, dating back to "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" back in 2016. There have been mixed reports for months about his future in the role, with conflicting stories of him stepping away and directing a solo film seemingly vying for credibility at the same time.

The truth may, in fact, be a mix of both stories at once. "I tried to direct a version of it, worked with a really good screenwriter but couldn’t come up with a version," Affleck told Jimmy Kimmel. "They couldn’t crack it and so I thought it was time to let someone else take a shot at it.

And so he's made the decision to move away from the character even as DC is reportedly making the move away from an interconnected superhero universe a la the Marvel Cinematic Universe in favor of films that are more independent and separate, like "Wonder Woman" and "Aquaman."

Well, Kimmel wasn't going to let Affleck off the hook that easily, staging an elaborate ceremony complete with Guillermo dressed as the Boy Wonder, "Robert"?? Sure, okay.

Guillermo brought out the cape, but when he turned around, Kimmel noticed it had jersey lettering on it, as well as the "Batfleck" name. The number was 12, a nod to Affleck's beloved Patriots' quarterback, Tom Brady.

To make room for Affleck's signature Batman cape in the rafters, Kimmel had to bring something down, and it also shared a connection with the now-former Batfleck.

"This beautiful item is the sparkly thong Matt Damon wore when he played Liberace’s boyfriend in ‘Behind the Candelabra,'" Kimmel said, handing the item to Affleck. "Please give this to him or have it destroyed. Whatever you want to do."

What Affleck wanted to do was bury his face in it. "Still has that Damon musk," he joked.

Kimmel then offered him the opportunity to make a final official statement as a way to say goodbye to his take on the iconic character. And he did so with a twist on a phrase made famous in Michael Keaton's 1989 film, "Batman."

"I'm not Batman," Affleck said with a smile. The hunt continues for the next actor to take on the cowl.

In the meantime, Affleck is sticking with kicking butt for his next film, though it takes a more criminal turn. He stars in the ensemble action flick "Triple Frontier," which hits theaters March 6 before dropping on Netflix March 13, And as a special treat, he offered "JKL" the exclusive full trailer, which you can watch below.

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