Aaron Carter Says He Will Expose Identity of Alleged Stalker: 'I'm Scared for My Life'
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In a series of tweets Sunday night, the singer claims the woman has been stalking him for two years and police are involved after her latest action.

Aaron Carter is putting his alleged stalker of two years on blast, and threatening to expose her identity publicly very soon.

The singer wrote a series of tweets on Sunday detailing his latest encounter with the alleged stalker, promising that the police are getting involved. He also claimed he will be suing the as-yet-unnamed woman.

According to Carter this woman has been stalking him for two years and even getting into his concerts despite his security efforts. The latest alleged incident involves Carter's car getting keyed.

While the singer doesn't specify exactly how he knows who did the most recent damage, he does say that he has images of the woman on camera as well as evidence of what she's done and that he will be seeking punitive damages.

And across three tweets, he mentioned in every single one of them that he will be exposing her identity, though he has not done so yet. So does this mean the case is close to the point where he will be able to do that, file charges or take her to court?

Or is he perhaps hoping to prevent further incidents like this latest one by putting the alleged stalker on blast. The public may not know who she is, but of course she does. And if she truly is stalking him, then she's sure to see these tweets.

It's possible that the tweets could serve as a deterrent for an alleged stalker to leave him alone, at least in the short term, but not necessarily. This is an obsessive behavior that does not respond to reasoning or rational logic. It's even possible that it could have the opposite effect, ramping up those obsessive impulses and behaviors.

Hopefully, should these claims prove to be true, Carter is close to resolving this long-standing situation so he can reclaim a sense of peace and safety in his every day life.

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