Nicki Minaj Teases Pregnancy Talks with Boyfriend Kenneth Petty in Racy Instagram Video
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The rapper asks a bold question when she catches her boyfriend rubbing her stomach while he's sleeping, but his answer is even bolder!

Somebody's got baby on the mind and it might just be a matter of time for Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend, Kenneth Petty.

The rapper took to Instagram on Saturday to share a video of the happy couple enjoying some snuggle time when she noticed something odd.

"Why are you rubbing my stomach?" she asked, pulling her hair to the side to show his hand wrapped around her and gently rubbing her stomach. Sitting beside her, Kenneth's eyes were closed as he appeared to either be asleep or nearly there.


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After asking if he was asleep, for which she only got an inaudible response, the clearly amused artist asked, "When you're asleep you rub my stomach? That's some weirdo tingz."

But clearly the action had her thinking about somethings, hinting that maybe the couple has been having discussions. "You wish there was something inside of there?" she asked him.

To this, she got a little more of a response from Kenneth, who shot back, "There will be."

Nicki laughed at his boldness, asking him, "Says who?"

"Says me."

The whole exchange was rather sweet and adorably captured by Nicki. What's interesting, though, is that she shared it to her nearly 100 million followers with no context. Is she hinting that the couple is trying to have a baby, or are they just playing?

Nicki went public with her relationship with Kenneth in December 2018, and it's been met with skepticism and some concern from her fanbase, due to Kenneth having been in jail for manslaughter and being a registered sex offender, with Minaj coming to his defense on multiple occasions.

Kenneth was 15 at the time of his conviction as a sex offender with a 16 year old he was in a relationship with, according to Nicki in one comment, as detailed by People. In 2006, he pleaded guilt to first-degree manslaughter, serving seven years of a ten-year sentence.

And this isn't just a new boo in her life. Kenneth and Nicki go all the way back to her teenage years, having dated previously when she was 16 years old and the rapper confident now that he's matured since then, per TMZ.

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