'Teen Mom' Stars and Their Kids

Evans lashes out against MTV during filming, proclaiming this "will probably be my last season" of the show.

Jenelle Evans hit her breaking point with MTV on Monday night's new episode of "Teen Mom 2," which found her railing against the network before threatening to quit the show for good.

The reality star's appearance in the hour wasn't a sure thing, after she had refused to film the week prior. She's had an ongoing battle with production over husband David Eason, who is not allowed to be present when they're filming after he was fired for making homophobic and transphobic remarks.

Before Evans herself showed up, one of the show's producers questioned Jenelle's mother Barbara about her absence.

"It's very hard for her to film her life when her husband is not included, so everything she does with her family, with her husband, he can't be filmed, so she said, 'How can I film when David was fired from the show?'" Barb explained. "She said they don't understand how stressful it is."

Eventually, Jenelle herself agreed to participate again, but added she was "annoyed cameras can't be around when David is."

While she met with her mother to talk, Evans ended up talking directly to her producer instead for most of the segment. "How difficult is it for you to do a show about your life when we can't film your family?" the producer asked, which really set off Jenelle.

"This show keeps giving me a bad rap, so I want some f--king respect, dude. I was some f--king respect," she responded. "Even if I'm never on TV again, that's fine, I have other shit I'm working on, so I'm fine with that. Once you push me away, everyone should know, I don't trust you again."

She was then asked why she feels like MTV has been pushing her away.

"I feel like they never believe me and everything I say to them is a lie and everything they read online, that's what they believe," Evans explained. "And they don't know anything about me, they don't know what I do, how I act, they don't even know my favorite food anymore, they don't know what's going on with me mentally, physically, my health issues, unless I share it, unless I open my mouth."

Evans then got visibly emotional, choking up as she said this would probably be her "last season" with the show.

"Because I realized I don't need MTV, I need myself. I'm the only one that's important here, this show is not important," she continued. "Me, myself as a person, everyone likes me, they don't like the Jenelle they see on TV that's always mad, always angry, always yelling around her kids. They don't see the real me."

Of David, she added, "I finally have someone that supports me and I can't bring them? You guys shut me out from everything. Fine, you're against me? Stay the f--k away from me because I'm done."

Of course, she's not done for now, as she was very much in the preview for next episode. But whether she'll come back next season remains up in the air. When TooFab caught up with Evans last month, she expressed some disappointment in how she'd been portrayed this season and shared how she hoped the show could change for her if she did decide to continue.

"I would like for them to show me more in a positive light," she said, "because I'm finally getting along with my mom and she's getting along with my family."

"I think it's important for all the kids that we get along," she said of her relationship with Barbara. "Makes me really happy when there isn't tension between everyone."

"Teen Mom 2" airs Mondays on MTV.