Trolls Be Damned, the Real First Reactions to 'Captain Marvel' Are In and They're Simply Awesome
'Captain Marvel' Character Posters Are Out of This World

"Well, Thanos is f--ked," tweets one reporter after seeing the film.

Haters trying to rain on "Captain Marvel's" parade got a shock to their systems on Tuesday night, as the first social media reactions to the film flooded Twitter with praise.

As we previously reported, a group of trolls began trashing Brie Larson's standalone film before even seeing it, in reaction to the actress calling for more inclusivity during the movie's press tour. These toxic fanboys apparently saw her request as an attack on white men.

While official reviews won't be released until March 5th, a group of journalists got to watch the first screening of the movie on Tuesday night and tweeted out their initial reactions online following the film. The tweets were almost universal in their praise, setting the bar high for Marvel's first superhero film with a solo female lead.

See some of the early reactions below. "Captain Marvel" hits theaters March 8, 2019.