Dolly Parton Opens Up About Past Experiences with Sexual Harassment, Talks Feminism
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"Of course, I've been hit on -- I've probably hit on some people myself!" Dolly tells the publication.

While Dolly Parton has blazed a trail for women in both music and film ("9 to 5" anyone), she's hesitant to call herself a feminist.

"I mean, I must be if being a feminist means I'm all for women, yes," Dolly told The Guardian in an interview. "But I don't feel I have to march, hold up a sign or label myself. I think the way I have conducted my life and my business and myself speaks for itself. I don't think of it as being feminist. It's not a label I have to put on myself. I'm just all for gals."

The "Jolene" singer said she has experienced sexual harassment in her career, but was able to deal with it. "I have always been able to maneuver because I come from a family of six brothers, so I understand men and I've known more good men than bad men."

"It's a man's world, and it's not their fault any more than it is just life and...we have allowed it to happen," Dolly said. "I think people now see that we're here, and women are very important, and they need us, just as we need the men. But if someone was getting real aggressive with me, I'd scream or throw something at them. But, of course, I've been hit on -- I've probably hit on some people myself!"

As The Guardian pointed out, Dolly may have to be "careful" using the word feminist because her core fan base of Southern Republicans might not be as welcoming to the term as some of her other fans. Despite this, the icon went on to star in one of the most feminist films "9 to 5," where three women get revenge on their male bosses.

"Well, I didn't think about it in those terms, to be honest with you," Dolly said of starring in the movie. "I was thinking more in terms of business than subject matter. Jane was a big star and so was Lily, so I thought: 'This is great. If it's a big movie, I can share the glory, and if it’s a flop it will be on them,' and Jane said: 'Well, Dolly will give us [audiences in] the south.'"

While Dolly might be hesitant about using the f-word or talking about President Donald Trump, her co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, however, don't shy away from the topics. While presenting at the Emmys back in 2017, both Fonda and Tomlin slammed Trump on stage, but Dolly refrained from chiming in.

"In 1980, we refused to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot boss," Fonda said at the time and Tomlin added, "And in 2017 we still refuse to be controlled by a sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritical bigot boss." Fonda concluded, "Tonight we're here to recognize some men who conduct themselves with the utmost integrity."

"I don't like to be known by the company I keep, so to speak," Dolly said of the moment. "I want to be my own individual self. If I've got something to say, I'll say it, but I don't want to be dragged into it."

When asked if she was surprised by what Fonda and Tomlin said, the singer replied, "It was not a surprise, knowing Lily and Jane. I just did not want everybody to think that whatever they think is what I think. I don't really like getting up on TV and saying political things. I don't even want to make a deal out of it, but I want people to know I’m my own individual self. Even though [Fonda, Tomlin and I] may agree on a whole lot of things -- and they may have more agreement [between] themselves because they've been together for longer. I still have my own thoughts and my own way of doing things. It's not a matter of being disrespectful, it's just, OK, that's what they said, I'm not getting involved in it."

"I've got as many Republican friends as I've got Democrat friends and I just don't like voicing my opinion on things," she continued. "I've seen things before, like the Dixie Chicks. You can ruin a career for speaking out. I respect my audience too much for that, I respect myself too much for that. Of course I have my own opinions, but that don't mean I got to throw them out there because you’re going to piss off half the people."

Although Dolly had a lot to say during the interview, when asked about Trump, Dolly simply replied, "I ain't talking about Trump."

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