The 'Captain Marvel' Premiere in Los Angeles Was All the Rage

Nick Jonas actually ranked his "Jumanji" co-stars from most likable to least likable and now Joe is sure he's going to get killed off in the sequel.

In a couple of surprising turns, the Jonas Brothers actually chose to turn on one another in a twisted version of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts on "The Late Late Show" Tuesday night.

James Corden decided to mix things up and raise the stakes "in the spirit of brotherly love." Now, if anyone chooses not to answer a particular question, all three brothers have to eat whatever random item comes up on the wheel of gross.

And with six rounds total, that was a lot of awful things to consider tossing down the gullet ... and then seeing if it will stay there. The boys faced bird saliva, worm spaghetti and bull penis, among other things. And with so much riding on the line, it was shocking the difficult questions they were willing to answer.

Nick stunned his brothers when asked to rank his "Jumanji" co-stars by likability and barely hesitated before simply doing it. It was either throw someone under the bus or gobble down some bull penis. Clearly, the truly disgusting looking dish was just too much.

And to drag out the agony for Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jack Black, Kevin Hart and Karen Gillan, he started at the top. And his reasoning for his top pick was pretty sound, as he figured Johnson had the most pull to get him booted from the film. Plus, "He's the biggest with the most muscles."

"I can’t believe he’s doing this," Kevin said as Nick continued to work his way through the foursome.

"Your character just definitely just got killed off in the movie," Joe declared as Nick revealed who he thought was the least likable.

"Can’t wait until they recast me with Harry Styles," Nick said after he'd fully thrown one of the other three under the bus. Check out the video for that answer and the shocked response from the audience.

But no response was more hilariously passionate than when James asked Joe to rank four boy bands from best to worst. Before he'd even named a single one a woman in the audience cried out with such forlorn sorrow, the entire show had to stop to address it.

And while they din't answer every question presented to them, Kevin started things off by actually declaring which album he'd buy over the other out of Nick Jonas' solo work or Joe Jonas' DNCE. Then later, Joe was asked which brother and spouse he'd rather go on vacation with and he had an answer to that.

His reasoning, though, was pretty sound. Check out all the fun -- at least James was having fun -- and see just how close the reunited brothers came to breaking up again.