Lisa Vanderpump Lays Out Her Side of PuppyGate, Shades Dorit Kemsley and Kyle Richards
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Vanderpump says it's "beyond ridiculous" her costars are buying into PuppyGate.

Lisa Vanderpump has spoken.

In a lengthy blog post over at Bravo's official website, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star laid out her side of the story when it comes to PuppyGate, the twisted scenario driving almost all the new season's drama. Referencing the "emotional nightmare" that became of the group's trip the Bahamas, Lisa V. explained what she believes transpired between her, Dorit, Teddi and a little pooch named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice.

It's Vanderpump vs. literally everyone else, as almost all her costars now believe she orchestrated a plot to make Dorit Kemsley look bad for giving up a rescue from Vanderpump Dogs.

According to Lisa, after Lucy was placed with Dorit, her costar informed her that another woman had "fallen in love" with the dog and she would be "going to a new home 'for a much better life.'" While Vanderpump didn't understand why Dorit couldn't return the dog to the center -- as is customary and part of their agreement -- she added that she "wasn't mad."

She also said Dorit never mentioned biting, which has been repeated throughout the season as a reason for giving up the dog.

When the center found out Lucy ended up at a shelter "that had euthanasia facilities," everyone at Vanderpump Dogs was "aghast" and John Sessa, Lisa's partner, "was enraged." Vanderpump said she and husband Ken tried talking him off a ledge and asked him to not speak about the issue publicly. He didn't listen, as Lisa said, "John thought otherwise: he wanted accountability."

She added that if the center's staff "was emphatic in their opinion of a woman that carelessly rejected the second dog we had placed with her ... I understand that."

Eventually Teddi Mellencamp found out about via John Blizzard, an event coordinator for Vanderpump Dogs that Lisa said she "rarely" interacts with on a personal level. Vanderpump said both he and Teddi were engaged in a "gossip text," while claiming no role in it herself.

"John Blizzard has since expressed deep regret that he has perpetuated and engaged in salacious gossip which ignited a maelstrom of negativity," she continued. "He is twenty-three years old, though. Hopefully one lives and learns."

Vanderpump also shaded Dorit in her post, saying she doesn't believe Dorit even knew the name of the woman who took Lucy from her and calling her "careless." She added, however, she doesn't believe her costar had any malintent when she gave up the dog.

"I rarely comment on the endless nastiness and accusations from castmates; however, anybody who lies and asserts that I was responsible for the filming schedule at Vanderpump Dogs needs to retract that," she continued.

"I was told that [Kyle Richards and Teddi] were there for grooming and Instagram pictures," Lisa added of the day the situation first unfolded in front of the cameras. "Kyle even forgot to bring her dog – she must've had something else on her mind."

She also said she finds it "ridiculous" that her costars would "conjure up a scenario on the strength of what my employee, a twenty-three-year-old, said," referring to Blizzard's texts with Teddi. "It's beyond ridiculous. Call me, talk to me."

As for Lucy, Lisa said she has now "found a loving home."

Her parting shot: "And to my castmates, I will 'see you next Tuesday.'"