The 'Captain Marvel' Premiere in Los Angeles Was All the Rage

"I believe this was the first time a defendant ever pleaded insanity during an interview," the "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host said.

All eyes were glued to Gayle King's interview with R. Kelly Wednesday morning, including Jimmy Kimmel's. The late-night reacted to the "performance" piece later that night.

"I believe this was the first time a defendant ever pleaded insanity during an interview," Kimmel said before proceeding to play several clips of Kelly breaking down and yelling into the camera.

R. Kelly has been charged with ten counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and faces allegations of sexual abuse and child sexual abuse from dozens of women. Kelly has vehemently denied all of these charges, telling King that all of those women and everyone who has corroborated their stories are lying.

His argument when asked directly if he'd ever imprisoned a woman or held her against her will, Kelly never said yes or no. Instead, he asked why he would do that and said he'd have to be stupid to do that. Well, Kimmel couldn't just let a statement like that be ignored.

He found some lyrics from an R. Kelly song where he talks about kangaroos hopping in the forest and even turned to his magnum opus. "It’s hard to deny you would imprison a woman when you wrote a 33-part opera titled 'Trapped in the Closet,'" Kimmel said.

But like the entirety of the internet, Kimmel was absolutely amazing by Gayle King's poise throughout the interview, even as R. Kelly jumped out of his seat and started ranting and raving to the camera.

"Is there anyone cooler than Gayle King, she’s just like, ‘Robert,'" Kimmel laughed. "Whatever zen meditation class she’s taking, sign me up."

As for Kelly's answers themselves, Kimmel said, "This was quite a performance." He then dubbed Kelly's voice over an iconic scene with Denzel Washington, saying, "This part in particular I think could get R. nominated for an Academy Award."

Stephen Colbert also railed on Kelly's interview on "The Late Show," explaining he had to "unfortunately" narrow down which alleged sexual predator in the entertainment he was talking about this time.

"This was a chance for Kelly to reassure the world he is normal ... instead he went with not that," said Colbert, before showing the most outrageous clips from King's interview.

"Wow, he shouted, he cried, but it was completely unconvincing, he forgot to say he liked beer," he added, referring to the Brett Kavanaugh hearings.

Colbert ended his segment by joking, "This is the remix to conviction."

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