The 'Captain Marvel' Premiere in Los Angeles Was All the Rage

Apatow was already picturing vacations with the couple and their pals the Obamas when the "Lion King" director walked up and just ruined everything.

All in all, Judd Apatow is very happy with his life, and yet there is still one famous encounter that leaves him fuming, and that's when he met Jay-Z and Beyonce.

Now, he's not upset at all about meeting the queen and first gentleman of pop -- let's call it what it is, people. Instead, he's still very bitter about how director Jon Favreau went and messed everything up for him.

Anyone would be thrilled at the chance to see Bey and Z in concert, and then Apatow was treated with the chance to hang out with the star couple in an after party, where he didn't feel out of place at all.

"I'm very uncomfortable, I just feel like the goofy Jew in the corner," he admitted. But when Jay-Z arrived, he headed right to Apatow's corner, just gushing with excitement to meet him.

"He goes, 'Oh my god, 'Knocked Up,' that scene when your wife says, 'Doorman, doorman, doorman.' That's my favorite scene of all time,'" Apatow recalled.

And it got even better from there, as Z told him he and his wife, Leslie Mann, had to hang out or Beyonce would be so upset with Z if she found out they'd left before she got to meet them. And then this surreal night seemed to get even better when Queen Bey did arrive.

"She walked in and was equally as excited and walked up to my wife and gave her a big hug and said, 'Oh my god, that's my favorite movie,'" Apatow said. "'That's my favorite scene in a movie, you with Craig Robinson.'"

Considering the ice officially broken through mutual admiration, Apatow and Mann were ready to seal this friendship deal until Favreau walked up. "He starts talking to her and talking to her and never lets her come back to us," Apatow said. "He c--kblocked us with Beyonce!"

Apatow started lamenting what could have been, hanging out with Bey and Z and getting to chill with their friends Barack and Michelle Obama. Finally, he just turns to the camera and shouts, "Favreau!"

Honestly we weren't even there and we're not invested in this story at all but we're a little ticked at Favreau, too. At the same time, we kind of can't blame him. We'd probably monopolize every second of time we could with her, too.

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