Kristen Wiig Reveals Which 'Vanderpump Rules' Star She Would Have Hooked Up With

The actress weighed-in on PuppyGate, a potential Housewives crossover, and which "VDP Rules" star was "a cutie pie".

She's been a bridesmaid, a ghostbuster and will be a DC supervillain... but it appears Kristen Wiig's real calling is Housewife.

The "SNL" star appeared on Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider's Bitch Sesh podcast on Wednesday, in which she outed herself as a massive Bravo reality show devotee.

While weighing in on just about every show on the channel's extensive line-up, the actress claimed she wasn't attracted to any of the men on "Vanderpump Rules," before immediately contradicting herself by sharing her very detailed thinking on the matter.

"I've had moments where I'm like the old me probably would have made out with James," she admitted. "Just because he's like a bad boy."

"This was a long time ago, like if I was a lot younger. And then I would have woken up and been like 'What did I do?'"

She went on: "And then Tom Schwartz is a cutie pie. I think he's adorable. I wonder what his character would be like if he was the single person on the show? He's a little sweet pea."

She provided several more "Vanderpump" insights, including her staunch opinion Lala Kent does love Randall Emmett — and not just because he gave her a car the first time they slept together.

"You don't think she loves him? I do," she told the hosts. "The way she talks about him and defends him? I just feel like it's love."

However Wiig admitted she did want Lala and Ariana Madix to get together. Or rather, get together again, following the recent revelation they hooked up before.

After joking that she first started getting her Bravo fix at "a dark time" in her life — "I was depressed" — she explained that she doesn't have a favorite, as she "gets different things from different shows."

"'Vanderpump Rules' to me is like candy; it's like when I want the sweet treat. I love it and I'm in a good mood," she gushed.

"Housewives is like you get into it, it's deep; It's like the main course, real meat heavy," she continued. "Below deck is an amuse-bouche."

Kristen also gave her opinion on the controversial PuppyGate, which has seen Teddi Mellencamp accuse Lisa Vanderpump of orchestrating a plot involving one of her rescue dogs to make Dorit Kemsley look like a villain.

"Teddi just doesn't seem like she'd lie," Kristen mused, adding Lisa seemed a bit guilty because of how she was acting — although she did accept the reality star had just lost her brother at the time.

"She was very quiet and very sad, and she was crying... in this situation she was very not herself,' she recalled.

Wiig admitted she would have been more inclined to side with Lisa had she defended herself more vigorously, like usual: "She should have went: 'you're full of shit, sorry, no, done.' But it was different...."

The "Wonder Woman 1984" star-to-be had plenty of praise for Lisa Rinna, both in character and physically.

"I think she just gets that spoon out and stirs it up. I love watching Lisa Rinna so much," she gushed.

"Her body makes me crazy. She's wearing a white bathing suit in sneakers! Not many people can do that."

Kristen also had a fabulous idea — Andy Cohen take note — for the next big Bravo show: a Housewives crossover.

"I'm surprised they haven't done like a show about a vacation home with different Housewives from different cities," she wondered.

When the hosts agreed that they should have a "Best of the Best" on an island, Kristen countered with: "Even just the worst of the worst.... or seven randos? Doesn't even matter I'll watch it."

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