'Cruel Intentions' Turns 20: Where Are They Now?

Nick Jonas wants to make sure his brothers, James Corden and everyone at home knows that he has a "very, very successful" solo album.

The Jonas Brothers are still hanging out with James Corden on "The Late Late Show," and it's apparently started to cause a little tension. In a game of "Side Effects May Include," the boys shared some of the disadvantages of sharing an office with Corden.

They also took a look at side effects from forming a band with your brothers and getting the band back together. But it all started with James realizing his desk was much longer than he thought it was and that he's flanked by Nick and Joe Jonas.

"Don't forget me, James," Kevin shouted from the end of the desk.

"Kevin, you're here, too?"

"I've actually been here for the last 30 shows."

The four took turns reading off some of the side effects, which had some genuine laughs in them. In forming a band with your brothers, you may find yourself "staggering the years you go through puberty so someone can always hit the high notes."

And apparently the Jonas Brothers have actually been asked what the meaning of their band name is. As for reuniting, they noted that you shouldn't be "feeling any pressure at all to generate the same type of success as last time."

"No really, it's fine," Kevin said, his voice cracking. "We're fine!"

Nick poked a little bit of fun at his brothers, and totally ad-libbed both times he got to read off side effects that referenced his solo album. Instead of solo album, he made sure to add "very, very successful" before it each time. Just in case anyone forgot.

But the guys clearly had the most fun throwing shade at James Corden in a segment called, "Thinking of sharing an office with James Corden?"

Corden spent this whole bit defending every action they brought up, like, "all week hearing him tell people,'Hey, we're going to lunch, care to Jonas?'"

Okay, we're going to have to side with James on this one. That's pretty clever. The rest of their complaints seemed to have more merit. You can check them out in the clip above.

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