Why Lisa Rinna Is Threatening Legal Action Over PuppyGate?
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Who knew a dog named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice would spark so much drama?!

The PuppyGate saga continues to play out on social media, with Lisa Rinna now threatening to get her lawyers involved over the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" storyline.

If you've somehow missed the 10,000 stories we've done about this mess so far, we'll break it down real quick. Dorit Kemsley adopted a dog from Lisa Vanderpump, only to give it to someone else, who ultimately dropped it at a shelter. While LVP claims she wanted to keep a lid on the situation -- for Dorit's sake -- her costars believe she orchestrated it so her partner John Sessa would bring it all up on camera to make Dorit look bad.

With the drama stealing the spotlight this season on "RHOBH," there's already whispers of a Vanderpump Dogs spinoff and, if it happens, Rinna wants a payday.

On Thursday, Rinna went to her Instagram stories to send a message seemingly aimed at both Vanderpump and Bravo itself.

"I'm a hustler. I make no bones about that. I think you get paid for what you do," she began. "So my feeling is if we indeed are servicing a spin off we should be paid for it."

She continued that she's "so happy" for the side projects all the other women have been able to create leveraging their reality show fame, from swimsuit lines to restaurants, before getting back to her initial point.

"But if you are going to use our services without telling us -- that we are playing out a storyline to launch a pilot for a new show and you don't compensate us extra for that," she continued. "Yeah I'm a hustler I get paid for what I do. So if this indeed becomes another show my lawyer will be calling."

She followed that up with a string of dollar signs.

TooFab has reached out to reps for Vanderpump and Bravo for comment.

Rinna's disappointment and aggravation with Vanderpump has been palpable for some time. Right after the season began, she appeared on Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM show and accused Bravo of giving Lisa V. preferential treatment after she allegedly stopped filming with the rest of the cast.

"I gotta imagine, she's got 400 employees. I would imagine if one of her employees did that, they'd be fired," Rinna said. "The fact that Bravo took no, there were no consequences, she was able to just do that ... I guess the problem I have with it is, I'm raising two teenage girls, Harry and I raised them to be professional, you're on time, and I don't care what you're going through, you show up to work. And if you can't, you say to somebody, I'm in trouble, help me. That's what I'm the most sad about and disappointed because I think it's a really bad example of women in the workplace."

For her part, Vanderpump dismissed the idea she set up any of the drama in a blog post on Wednesday.

"I rarely comment on the endless nastiness and accusations from castmates," she wrote. "However, anybody who lies and asserts that I was responsible for the filming schedule at Vanderpump Dogs needs to retract that."

"Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays on Bravo.

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