Lisa Vanderpump Addresses Death Threats Sent to 'RHOBH' Castmates, Shades Former SUR Employee
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LVP breaks her silence on the threats her fans have been sending her castmates, then gets into a social media tiff with former employee Faith Stowers.

Days after Teddi Mellencamp condemned Lisa Vanderpump for not speaking out against those threatening harm to her "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" co-stars over PuppyGate, the restaurant mogul broke her silence.

"Wow, some LVP fans are too much -- from death threats to online abuse to name calling for simply disagreeing or expressing an honest opinion about LVP," a fan tweeted at Vanderpump Thursday evening. "You should release a statement to say that death threats against cast members is not okay."

Lisa replied to the fan early Friday morning, writing, "It's absolutely not ok... Not that I've seen anything like that."

But some people, like Teddi, find it hard to believe Lisa hasn't seen any of the numerous threats her die-hard fans have made to her castmates and former friends over this season's most convoluted storyline.

"I couldn't have lived with myself not telling the truth, so if I have to get some hate mail and some death threats because I end up telling the truth, it is what it is," Teddi told us during an interview about PuppyGate earlier this week. "But that's how I have a clear conscience ... I'm not gonna hide because Lisa Vanderpump has an army out to get me."

Teddi told us some of the death threats she's received include messages like, "I wish you would die" and "You're a vile, disgusting human being."

"Last year, when I saw people going to that level with Dorit -- even when her and I weren't in a good place -- I tweeted out, 'Hey, guys. Take it easy. Nobody needs the heat and abuse you guys are giving this woman right now because we're all human beings,'" Teddi said. "And you know who hasn't done that this season? Lisa Vanderpump, and it's probably because she's enjoying it."

What's interesting about this whole thing is that Lisa engaged in a discussion on that article's tweet with Faith Stowers -- the woman at the center of all the drama of Season 6 of "Vanderpump Rules." In case the name doesn't ring a bell, Faith is the now-former SURver with whom Jax Taylor admitted to cheating on his now-fiancée, Brittany Cartwright. Faith also made a few appearances on the show before that.

"I believe [Teddi]. I've have firsthand accounts with Lisa trying to manipulate a scene or storyline," Faith replied to our tweet containing Teddi's version of events.

"And how would that be? Pray tell... Never seen you before," Vanderpump replied to Faith.

"I guess I've never been in your home or with your son or in your restaurant or on your show," Faith replied. "Haha, c'mon Lisa."

When TooFab spoke with Faith directly, she said, "I have no issues with Lisa, but when it comes to knowing what's good for television, she knows what to do."

"She's definitely asked me to say things," Faith continued, telling us about a scene during Season 4 at Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz's engagement party.

"At Katie's engagement party at her house, she wanted me to tell Stassi [Schroeder] and Kristen [Doute] to get off the stage and yell, 'This is boring!' I said no because me and Katie were good at the time. So then Ken [Todd] told Lala [Kent] to do it. And Lala didn't give a damn about anybody at the time, so she did it."

But Faith tells us she has no hard feelings toward LVP. She says at that moment, she simply thought to herself, "Wow, that's producing."

"It's a little bit of manipulation," she added. "Like, if I were to have done Season 6, I wouldn't have been able to speak my part. They wanted me to film at Jeremy Madix's birthday party -- it was after Scheana [Marie]'s birthday party -- but I didn't wanna go to Jeremy's birthday party. I was scared. I wasn't sure how they were going to produce it."

Faith also said she was disappointed Lisa didn't "try to help" her the way she helped Scheana when it came to her issues with former "RHOBH" star Brandi Glanville. Instead, Faith feels Lisa "tried to add fuel to the fire."

"Teddi's saying it, Lisa Rinna's saying it, NeNe [Leakes] is saying it: Vanderpump can be manipulative," Faith said. "Doesn't mean she's a bad person, though."

TooFab has reached out to Lisa, Ken and Lala for comment.

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