Tamar Braxton 'Floored' By Lindsay Lohan Tweets, Dina Says She Never Sent Them
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Both Tamar and Dina appeared on Wendy Williams this week and reacted to the social media slam.

Tamar Braxton and Dina Lohan were both finally asked about the nasty tweets posted to Lindsay Lohan's Twitter account last month during their respective appearances on Wendy Williams' daytime show this week.

Let's backtrack a minute. After Tamar beat out Lindsay's mother, Dina Lohan, on "Celebrity Big Brother," someone tweeted at Braxton from Linds' account. "Congrats. God bless you. But you are not any friend of women," it read. "You're deceptive and conniving and so is this #RR MONEY IS MORE TO YOU than being a strong woman #sadness bless you."

At the time, Lohan's publicist told TooFab she had been hacked -- a statement that was reiterated to us this week -- and didn't post that comment or any others slamming the show. While Lindsay further explained the situation on Instagram and removed a number of tweets and replies from her accounts, the one about Tamar is still live.

Williams didn't hesitate asking Braxton about the situation on Tuesday, but the host never mentioned anything about Lindsay claiming her accounts had been compromised. It doesn't seem like Braxton knew that bit of information either.

"I thought we was cool, girl," said Tamar. "Let me tell you something, I was floored when I saw the tweet from Lindsay, I was like, well, what I do?!"

"I thought I was in the house protecting Dina, because she had the whole mama thing. You know, that's somebody's mama, you wanna respect them, you know what I'm saying?" she continued. "So that's the position I took. When we got out of the house I was all kinds of everything but the child of God, I was like, 'What happened?!'"

Williams said that Dina would be stopping by the show later this week and promised to "find out more" from her. "I'll be watching, because I wanna know," Braxton replied, "that's for sure."

Well, Williams made good on her promise on Thursday, as she tried to get to the bottom of everything with Mama Lohan.

When Wendy first brought up the tweets, Dina shouted, "No! Her phone was hacked," adding, "I won't say who did it. It's a lawsuit."

After Williams read the tweet aloud to the audience, Dina said, "My daughter would never say those words. I would never raise a child to do that."

"Her phone was hacked," she continued. "We get hacked all the time, I change my phone number like every other day."

She also said she wouldn't reveal who the hacker was on air, but explained they knew who it was. "There's just mean people and when you're doing well, they try to take you out," added Dina.

Elsewhere in the interview, Dina also spoke about her online boyfriend, who both Braxton and Kandi Burruss thought was catfishing her.

"He's my friend, we're like really good friends. He's an amazing guy and we're good friends," she said of Jesse Nadler, adding that she plans to marry him one day.

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