First Reactions to Jordan Peele's 'Us' Are In -- Here's What People Are Saying
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Early reactions praise Lupita Nyong'o's performance in particular, calling the movie a worthy successor to "Get Out."

The first reactions to "Us" are in and it looks like Jordan Peele's follow-up to "Get Out" definitely lives up the hype.

Film reporters and critics who were lucky to see the world premiere of the horror flick at SXSW Film Festival on Friday are already praising the film all over social media, calling it a "horror masterpiece" filled with incredible performances (especially an "award-worthy" one from Lupita Nyong'o), "ambitious original ideas" and just the right amount of comedy to balance out the scares.

The movie, led by Nyong'o and Winston Duke, follows a family of four on a family vacation in Santa Cruz who become the targets of murderous doppelgängers. From the first reactions alone, it seems that Peele's "Us" avoids the sophomore slump. The film may only have 18 reviews so far (and counting) on Rotten Tomatoes, but it boasts a perfect 100 percent score.

After Friday's screening, the audience turned to Twitter to give their first reactions to the film, out March 22 for everyone else.

AwardCircuit's Clayton Davis wrote, "Jordan Peele's 'Us' is a horror masterpiece. We are witnessing the birth of our modern day Hitchcock. 20 years from now we will ask one another what our favorite Peele film is & you will get 10/12 different answers. Incredible performance from Lupita Nyong'o!"

"#UsMovie is a heck of an experience," Mashable editor Angie Han tweeted. "Funny enough to make you laugh, scary enough to make you scream, genuinely heartbreaking in moments, anchored by several incredible dual performances, especially Lupita's. #SXSW"

LA Times' Jen Yamato added, "#USmovie frays your nerves with exacting precision, ambitious original ideas, and moments that will traumatize (in... the best way, as great genre films do?) a whole generation of youngs who sneak in to see it ✂️ Also: Lupita. Is. INCREDIBLE."

Many people pointed out that "Us" is a film you need to "process" and even possibly see a few times to really understand it. Apparently, some critics still aren't sure what they had watched.

"I have not, I repeat, have not been able to get #USMovie off my mind," a person wrote. "So many themes, so many angles, So much to process...I don't trust any of the reviews coming out bc its not a film you can process in a few hours. No way."

"I will not for a minute claim any real understanding of what I just watched but it was comfortably a top ten lifetime movie going experience," another critic pointed out. "Engrossing, scary, intense & unnerving, but also weird & bizarre," wrote another, "A bold, ambitious, unpredictable dark comedy, but what’s it all mean? A peculiar film, not sure what to make of it, need to see again! That's a good thing...right? #USmovie #SXSW"

Check out the reactions below.

My review for #UsMovie. Lupita is about to win another Oscar but this time as lead actress. She should actually win 2.

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