Kyle Richards Barks Back at Lisa Vanderpump's PuppyGate Explanation
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Kyle tells Lisa to leave her own dog out of the fight, adding the pooch is "too old to be used as an alibi."

Kyle Richards refuses to sit back and watch her own dog get dragged into the PuppyGate scandal plaguing this season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Last week, Lisa Vanderpump explained her version of events in a lengthy blog post, insinuating that Kyle and Teddi Mellencamp had ulterior motives when they showed up at Vanderpump Dogs during the season premiere. "I was told that [Kyle and Teddi] were there for grooming and Instagram pictures," LVP wrote. "Kyle even forgot to bring her dog -- she must've had something else on her mind."

While Lisa's co-stars have accused her of having partner John Sessa parade Dorit Kemsley's returned dog out in front of Teddi, Kyle and Bravo cameras to make Dorit look bad, Vanderpump has strongly denied setting up anything herself.

"Still waiting to hear why Lisa Vanderpump invited Teddi and Kyle to Vanderpump Dogs," one fan tweeted Monday, tagging Kyle.

"Read her blog. They were not invited," another fan replied. "They were supposed to be there for a grooming. Kyle conveniently forgot to bring her dog."

That's when Kyle spoke up on the matter.

"This is the stuff that I just cannot believe people are buying," she tweeted in response. "I was TOLD to be there, just like Teddi and the two Johns were. My dog, Khloe, doesn't get groomed there. Never has. Why would I take her there? She's 14 and too old to be used as an alibi."

Both on the show and in her blog, Kyle has been open with her belief that Lisa had information about Dorit exposed on camera so others would "go after" their co-star.

Referencing the "emotional nightmare" that became of the group's trip the Bahamas, Vanderpump vehemently denied orchestrating any such thing on her blog.

She wrote that after Lucy Lucy Apple Juice ended up at a shelter she said "had euthanasia facilities," John Sessa was "enraged." Lisa claimed she and husband Ken Todd tried talking him off a ledge and asked him to not speak about the issue publicly.

But, as Lisa noted, "John thought otherwise: He wanted accountability."

Lisa also claimed that Teddi found out about the situation via John Blizzard, an event coordinator for Vanderpump Dogs who Lisa said she "rarely" interacts with on a personal level. Vanderpump claimed he and Teddi were engaged in a "gossip text" about PuppyGate, but admitted to no role in it herself.

"John Blizzard has since expressed deep regret that he has perpetuated and engaged in salacious gossip which ignited a maelstrom of negativity," LVP wrote. "He is 23-years-old, though. Hopefully one lives and learns."

She added that her friendship with Kyle is "finished."

"The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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