Joey Fatone Wants to Judge 'The Masked Singer' After Getting Giant Tattoo of His Rabbit Character
The 'Dumbo' Premiere in Los Angeles Was a Circus of Stars

The singer was a standout favorite on the first season of the kooky Fox hit with his affected quirks and tics keeping the judges guessing.

Joey Fatone was one of the most entertaining and committed contestants throughout his run on "The Masked Singer," and now he's made that commitment permanent.

The NSYNC star revealed his tattoo to the world via Instagram on Sunday and talked about his possible future with the franchise with ET from the "Dumbo" world premiere red carpet Monday night. Fatone was in attendance with his family, and his "Masked Singer" character.

"I'd love to see a lot of different people out there, even a lot more people that maybe don't get a chance to sing," Fatone told the outlet. "I don't wanna know who's gonna be on, 'cause [what if] I'm a judge on it. That'd be fun, because now that I have an inside view."

With a playful smile, he added, "So we'll see, hopefully." So does that mean their close to kicking off the top-secret filming of the hotly anticipated second season? Has anyone seen Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Ken Jeong or Nicole Scherzinger lately?

If nothing else, it seems almost a certainty that Fatone would be asked back as a guest judge as the first season saw them sprinkled throughout its run. But he would also make a fantastic permanent judge because he has a tremendously entertaining personality, and that insight into the other side would be helpful.

Or if Nick Cannon decides to step away for any reason, we can't imagine someone who would enjoy hosting and getting up close and personal to try and identify the various contestants more than Joey Fatone. Plus, with his charisma and natural charm, he'd be fantastic in that role, too. Bottom line, Fox, find some way to keep this dude involved as long as he wants to be.

It might seem strange that he tattooed a ridiculous character from such a ridiculous show onto his body, but Fatone clearly had a strong connection with the character. On top of that, the design work on "The Masked Singer" is among the best on television, and we wouldn't be surprised to see an Emmy nomination for costume design in their future, if not a win.

Also that tat is absolutely gorgeous!

Of all the stellar costumes, Fatone's Rabbit was one of the best. It offered him tremendous freedom of movement and range, allowing him to bring his full performance arsenal every time he hit the stage, with his own addition ... that signature head bobbing tic.

Maybe that was him trying to figure out who all the other contestants were.

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