What NeNe Leakes Texted Andy Cohen After He Said She Unfollowed Him on Instagram
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NeNe wants to make one thing very clear after becoming a talking point on Andy's show this week.

NeNe Leakes says she couldn't have unfollowed Andy Cohen on Instagram ... because she never followed him in the first place!

The reality star's bold proclamation comes just two days after her "Real Housewives of Atlanta" co-stars Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton stopped by "Watch What Happens Live" and bonded with Andy over having been allegedly unfollowed by NeNe on the social media platform.

"I will say it AGAIN!" NeNe angrily tweeted Tuesday morning. "I was NEVER following Andy on Instagram. He wasn't following me or any Housewives! He knows this! In fact, I texted him and asked, 'Why did you say that on 'WWHL' when we don't follow each other?' ALL FACTS! Now go ask him! I NEVER need to lie. For what?"

After catching wind of NeNe's tweet Tuesday morning, Andy replied, "NeNe is right! We follow each other on Twitter."

NeNe appreciated the response, posting, "Thank you for clearing that up! Now post this on your stupid-ass blogs." And here we are.

The topic came up on Sunday's "WWHL" after a caller pointed out that NeNe wasn't following Cynthia on the 'gram. The ladies already knew that information, as did Andy.

"I heard that she actually unfollowed everyone on the cast except Shamari [DeVoe] after the reunion," Cohen added with a laugh.

"You're gonna have to tune in for the reunion for that one," Marlo teased. Andy added, "Suffice to say, I don't think NeNe was thrilled when she left the reunion." Cynthia and Marlo's eyes bulged as they nodded in agreement.

A few moments later, Andy interrupted his own show for some breaking news. "By the way, the control room is telling me NeNe also unfollowed me as well!" he announced with genuine shock.

"Nooooo!" Cynthia shouted. Marlo was just as stunned.

"They said she unfollowed me from Instagram for sure, and they're now checking Twitter," he continued. The late-night host was later able to confirm NeNe was still following him on Twitter. All caught up now?

NeNe's also been catching flack for going ballistic on cast and crew during a recent episode of "RHOA," after cameramen tried to follow a curious Kandi Burrus and Porsha Williams into her closet. NeNe had calmly explained to the girls that her closet was a mess and asked them repeatedly not to go in there. They didn't listen, and when the crew started to follow them, all hell broke loose. NeNe even ripped a cameraman's shirt off and chased a pregnant Porsha down the stairs.

NeNe retreated from the group immediately after and didn't make a single appearance on the following episode. Her husband, Gregg Leakes, has been battling cancer all season long, and it's admittedly taken a toll on his wife.

The "RHOA" OG seemingly addressed her recent behavior on the show with another tweet on Tuesday, reading, "I'm a strong woman! Always have been, but I am also human! In fact, I'm just like a well. I give out all the water, and when I need some, the well is dry."

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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