Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin Roasted by Fellow Stars Over Admissions Scam
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Many celebs poked fun, but just as many called them out for allegedly using their privilege to cheat.

UPDATE at 6:45am PT on March 14, 2019: As new details continue to be revealed, Huffman, Loughlin and everyone else involved in this scandal continue to get lambasted by celebrity critics all over social media. Below are even more reactions posted by a variety of stars over the past 24 hours, since our last update.

Chrissy Teigen mocked the situation by doing some Photoshopping herself (or at least having someone else do it -- poorly -- for her).

Kyle Richards commended her daughter Sophia for hitting back at trolls asking, "Did your parents bribe and buy your way into Gw just like all your neighbors back home did? You do seem incredibly stupid." Sophia's response: "I actually graduated high school on the deans list and worked really hard to get into a good school thank u for ur concern tho sweetie." Re-sharing the post on her own stories, Kyle added, "Yesss Sophia ... some people are really unbelievable. So proud of you."


"The View" also chimed in on Wednesday, where Sunny Hostin slammed those involved for taking slots away from hard working kids with less means. Meghan McCain also criticized Loughlin's husband, Mossimo Giannulli, for "talking crap" about Arizona State University. See their comments here.

UPDATE at 6:45am PT on March 13, 2019: The reactions just keep coming as this scandal continues to dominate the news cycle. Below are some more Twitter reactions from other stars -- and click here to see how late night tackled the situation.

"Varsity Blues" star James Van Der Beek poked fun at the FBI giving their operation the same name as the 1999 movie and how relevant one quote of his from the film would be in this scenario.

Donald Trump Jr. also mocked the two actresses on Twitter, before getting dragged himself.

Original post below:

Within minutes of the admissions scam story breaking on Tuesday, Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and — yes — "Aunt Becky" were among the top three trending topics on Twitter.

The actresses were among 50 suspects caught up in a nationwide college admissions cheating scam, allegedly paying a collective total of $25million to ensure spots for their offspring in elite schools.

Reaction was swift, with many celebs poking fun at the two actresses, but just as many calling them out for allegedly using their privilege to cheat.

Billy Eichner was among the first to react with a Desperate Housewives gag, admitting: "TERI HATCHER GOT ME INTO BROWN", before following up with "JUDITH LIGHT GOT ME WAIT LISTED AT TUFTS, and a third: "Look, it’s not the biggest problem in the world but I would not have gotten into Dartmouth without Mo’nique."

Arrow star Kirk Acevedo did not see the funny side: "No such thing as White Privilege? then how about, Rich White Privilege," he tweeted. "Teach your kids the benefits of hardwork, instead of raising them 2 believe cheating is the answer. Your payoffs only rob a more qualified kid out of a spot in that school OR scholarship for those in need!"

ESPN sportscaster Jemele Hill added, with Twitter tongue in cheek: "I, for one, STUNNED that rich people would pay millions in bribes to get their children into elite colleges. You mean they didn’t earn it based off merit alone, as we’re constantly told? ::clutches imaginary pearls::"

Comedian Loni Love pointed out, somewhat accurately: "Ya spend $500,000 to cheat on SATs to get ya kids in USC? A tutor would have been cheaper and jail free...#auntbecky"

Fellow comedian Guy Branum was among the many drawing subtle — and incredulous — parallels into other federal investigations: "Finally we have the grounds we need to impeach Felicity Huffman."

Firefly star Jewel Staite joked, or maybe didn't: "Dibs on playing Felicity Huffman in the Lifetime movie about this mess."

Heathers star Brendan Scannell also joked, or maybe didn't: "Nobody paid to get their kid into Northwestern which tracks because when I got there I found out it was actually just every rich kid’s safety school."


Undoubtedly the shadiest shade came from Rob Lowe, who retweeted a graduation picture with his son John, declaring: "Very proud of my honest, hardworking sons."

John himself was a little less subtle: "Still proud of this achievement. Happy for everyone out there who earned their accomplishments...and really sad for those who were never allowed the opportunity."

"I studied for MONTHS for the SAT. Twice, sometimes three times a week. Tons of practice tests. Ended up taking the SAT multiple times as well. College apps were no joke... the amount of stress kids put into that to potentially lose a spot to someone unfairly is horrible."

He added: "And let me say: I’m incredibly grateful that I had the privilege and opportunity to have a tutor and to afford practice test programs. A lot of kids don’t. And to think of them losing their chance at their dream school to someone undeserving is really, really gross."

Even Donald Trump Jr, who helps run the Trump Organisation and whose dad is the President, mocked both actresses for using their privilege to help their kids.

Retweeting an old Lori tweet about "doing the right thing", he snarked: "Hollywood." He also re-shared an unfortunate old tweet of Felicity's asking for "the best hacks for back-to-school season", jibing: "I’m learning some new ones as we speak. Stay tuned."

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