Ben Affleck Doesn't Care That You Hate His Giant Back Tattoo, Debuts His Rap Skills on 'Ellen'
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The "Triple Frontier" star drops a Cameo rhyme for a fan to raise money for his charity in the Congo and -- well, it's for a good cause.

Ben Affleck opened up about his giant back tattoo on "Ellen," and is apparently ready to admit that it's his and he doesn't care how much you hate it.

The actor was photographed while on vacation in Hawaii about a year ago with his colorful phoenix tattoo on full display, and immediately became the object of ridicule and scorn online. It didn't help matters that two years prior when the tattoo was first seen, he told "Extra" it was "fake for a movie."

It was not.

"It's meaningful to me," Ben said. "It's something that I sort of kept private." And by private he means lying about its ongoing existence.

Of course, based on the reaction he got, can you really blame him? "They got a picture of my tattoo and the sentiment ran against," Affleck admitted, calling the response "not so much positive."

He didn't reveal what it represents to him that's really important, but considering the ups and downs he's had in his personal life, it's easy to see several ways a phoenix rising from the ashes could have meaning for him.

Or is it "rising from your ass?" as Ellen DeGeneres put it.

Affleck also talked about something else that has deep meaning to him, and that's his charity efforts in the Congo with the Eastern Congo Initiative. Ellen paired him up with "Average Andy" Lassner to film a Cameo video for a fan in the form of a rap.

The star of Netflix's "Triple Frontier" admitted this was his rap debut and it was ... painfully obvious. It's a good thing he's gotten accolades for his writing and acting, because this rap thing is definitely not his bad. Andy blew him out of the water here, and he's just average.

You can check it out in all its cringeworthy glory below. And try to remember that it's all for a good cause. We're all suffering together for a good cause.

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