Every Major 'Walking Dead' Death Ranked

"I'm not supposed to, but I can tell you a couple things about what's coming up ..."

Pollyanna McIntosh's mysterious "Walking Dead" character -- known as both Anne and Jadis -- was last seen flying off to places unknown with Rick Grimes, a moment that's had show fans going WTF ever since.

While it's been confirmed Andrew Lincoln will return for a movie explaining Rick's whereabouts, Anne's place in that film remains hazy. Showrunner Angela Kang said the goodbye episode was "intended to be the end of her story in the show," but she and McIntosh still haven't confirmed anything beyond that.

"I can't even say if I'm going to be in that film or not, I can't even say if I'm going to be in it," McIntosh told TooFab when asked if she was clued in on the broad strokes of what happened after the helicopter ride.

"I'm looking forward to -- as a fan of the show, as a fan of Rick's story -- of seeing what happens to him next," she added. "I can't wait for things to get started and it would make sense for Jadis to be in the first one because she took away in that helicopter, so let's see."

Though her "Walking Dead" future is unclear, McIntosh revealed she is relishing in teasing the fans about where Jadis/Anne could be.

"It's so fun messing with the fans because they're like, 'Tell me what you're up to' and I'm like, 'Okay, listen I'm not supposed to, but I can tell you a couple things about what's coming up ... you really want to know?'"

When fans answer affirmatively, she said she adds, "You really want to know the storyline? Because it might ruin it for you a little bit" -- a question which usually gets them to turn down the offer.

"I was never gonna tell them anyway! The fans of the show really appreciate that it works so well with the secrets because they love being surprised," she added. "I want to know too! I want to know what world they're gonna be in. I can make some really good guesses but with 'Walking Dead,' there will always be surprise."

McIntosh said she's been keeping up with the show since her exit and has been enjoying Samantha Morton's performance as the menacing Alpha thus far.

"I think [she] is the right person to bring her to screen," she said. "My god, she's terrifying. The coldness and that voice. I also think the make-up ... it's so creepy."

McIntosh added that the Whisperers give her the "heebie jeebies," but she'd love to see her character face off against Alpha at some point down the line. "I think Jadis would know exactly what Alpha is made of and would be quite repulsed by her cruelty," she explained. "Even though Jadis did some terrible things, she doesn't see herself coming from a cruel place, she's coming from a survivalist place. I think she would want to take Alpha out pretty quickly."

While Kang already confirmed we won't see McIntosh back this season, the actress has been busy with a few of her former co-stars. This week, she premiered her directorial debut, "Darlin'" -- a sequel to the 2011 movie "The Woman" -- at SXSW.

Joining her in the film, which she also appears in and wrote, are Cooper Andrews, Sabrina Gennarino and Thomas Francis Murphy, who are better known as their "TWD" counterparts Jerry, Tamiel and Brion, respectively.

"Cooper Andrews is the nicest, warmest, funniest, most capable multitasker and brilliant man," said McIntosh. "Everybody absolutely loved working with Coop and I knew he was the perfect man for this role.

She added that, thanks to his background in both sound and stunts, Andrews was also able to lend a helping hand on set. "It was a huge bonus all around," McIntosh added.

"I'm just so excited for fans of'The Walking Dead' see those guys in completely different works from what they're used to," she said of the trio.

"Darlin'" has one additional screening at SXSW this week, with a later, wide distribution planned.