2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards: The Only Moments Anyone Will Be Talking About
Every Must-See Look From the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards

Katy Perry (maybe) kisses Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift slams her haters, "The Masked Singer" Monster returns, Alicia Keys' kids, Cardi B's tongue and more!

As always, the iHeartRadio Music Awards proved to be one of the wildest and most entertaining nights on television. It's always one of the looser awards shows, with everyone just having a good time.

The night was filled with great live musical performances, including a show-stopping collaboration between Alicia Keys and her son. Another surprise collaboration saw "Jurassic Park" and "Guardians of the Galaxy" star Chris Pratt join Garth Brooks on stage for an unexpected vocal duet.

But perhaps the most anticipated element of the show was the appearance of both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift at the same live event. It hadn't happened in quite awhile, and certainly not since the two seemingly reconciled their long-standing feud.

So the big question was what would happen if they were under the same roof? Might they bump into one another on the red carpet? Appear on stage together? Actually perform together? Well, it's possible one of those things happened, but no one seemed to be quite sure on Thursday night.

Check out all the highlights from music's other big night below:

Did Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Kiss?

Ironically, the biggest moment of the night may not have happened at all. A picture began to circulate of Perry kissing someone on the red carpet, and to some eagle-eyed fans they were certain it was Swift. But no one seems to know for certain.

Katy quickly stepped to the side during an interview segment to plant the quick kiss on the cheek, but ET Canada thinks the response from the camera crew and hosts said it all. The camera didn't pan over to fully capture the other woman either before or after, and after glancing back, the hosts kept talking and again turned their back on the woman.

Surely they would have seized the opportunity to have a huge viral moment by capturing it far better if it truly was Swift, right? That said, the quick shot of the woman's profile as it slides into the frame does look like Swift.

Some on Twitter theorized she was simply saying hello to another iHeartRadio performer in another sequin dress.

Katy Perry Open to Collab with Taylor Swift

Their feud completely squashed now, Katy Perry proved she's willing to take the next step in mending her relationship with Taylor Swift: a collaboration. While nothing official has been announced, the "American Idol" judge did tell ET she was open to the idea.

Being Katy Perry, though, she couldn't just say it straightforward. In fact, she attended the red carpet in the same dress she wears in her new music video with Zedd, "365," where she plays a "Stepford Wives"-inspired robot. "I'm making music with Zedd, [so] I'm open," she told the outlet.

Zedd, who was with her on the carpet, added, "I programmed her to make music with anybody, it's great."

"I'm a loveable A.I.," Perry concluded.

Taylor Swift Slams Her Haters

Taylor Swift took home the Tour of the Year Award and immediately took the opportunity of her acceptance speech to slam the haters who predicted failure.

"I think one of the most wonderful things about the way this whole tour turned out is that for like the entire six months leading up to the first show of this tour, everything I read about the tour said this is going to be a massive failure. This is going to be a flop tour," she said.

"And you know, it really did wonders for my self-esteem. It was really great to hear people saying that I was going to be playing to nearly empty stadiums.”

But she then turned it around and had nothing but praise and appreciation for her fans and those who believed in her. "You guys are the ... only reason why this tour wasn’t a massive failure and why it ended up being the highest grossing tour in U.S. history," she said. "That is you."

But don't believe the rumors that a new album is in the works. "When there is new music, you will be the first to know," she said. "I love you so much."

Cardi B Makes Out with Her Award

Cardi B wasn't at the awards ceremony, but still managed to create one of the most memorable and viral moments. The rapper took home the Hip-Hop Artist of the Year award and appeared via video to thank her fans for all their support.

Once again, she also thanked her haters, as she did last year. "You know, I gotta thank my haters, you know what I'm saying," she said. "'Cause y'all be saying mean things and y'all be thinking that those mean things is gonna discourage me but that just makes me go harder."

She then closed her acceptance speech by getting down and dirrty with her award, licking it enough that we were really hoping she washed it down beforehand. And yes, it's already been turned into a GIF and is making the rounds.

The Monster Rocks the House

The most adorable costume of the year on "The Masked Singer" made its triumphant return to Fox as host T-Pain -- who was revealed as both the winner and the celebrity beneath the mask in the finale -- came out once again underneath the Monster's giant eye to perform his own track with Jamie Foxx, "Blame It."

He also joked that just seeing the costume was giving him PTSD, urging the audience to never do that. "That sucked," he said. Pain isn't the only artist to complain about the discomfort of performing in those bulky costumes, but his might have been the most restrictive to his natural movements.

Still, we don't need you discouraging your fellow artists from braving the ridiculous show. It was way too much fun and we need more of them to get inside those costumes so we can try and figure out who they are. Don't take this from us!

Chris Pratt Sings with Garth Brooks

Chris Pratt had his fanboy dreams come true -- making a whole generation of fans jealous -- when he got to take the stage with one of his own icons and heroes, Garth Brooks.

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" star was ecstatic and honored enough just to be allowed to introduce the country music legend to the stage, but when he came back later in the set to join him, you could see the joy on his face.

As if that wasn't enough, Pratt shared a sweet behind-the-scenes moment with Brooks and his band from backstage after their performance, admitting that it was such a big deal for him he had actual tears in his eyes.

Here I am all misty eyed backstage. A moment I will never forget. Sound on.

A post shared by chris pratt (@prattprattpratt) on

Alexa Wins Game Changer Tech Award

Bobby Bones and Garth Brooks presented the first-ever Game Changer Tech Award to a technology that brings music fans closer to their music in new and innovative ways. And this year's recipient was on-hand herself to accept the award. But she did need Bobby to say her name before she would respond.

That's right, Amazon's Alexa took home the top prize and she even had a pretty clever acceptance speech prepared. And she didn't forget all of the little technologies around her that helped her achieve this honor.

"It feels electric,” she said of her big win. "I couldn’t have done this without my fans, especially all you ceiling and bathroom fans out there. And a big shout out to Wi-Fi for always supporting me. Without it, I’d be speechless.”

Alicia Keys' Sons Steal the Show

Alicia Keys had a special guest for her performance, but she wound up totally getting upstaged by him. Her eight-year-old son Egypt proved that musical talent runs in the family, tickling the ivory and performing alongside his famous mama on "Raise a Man."

Even better, he had his own baby grand so he could command his own spotlight. And he wasn't satisfied just to impress with his piano skills. Later, when Keys asked for an audience singalong of "You Don't Know My Name," Egypt brought some moves to the moment by showing off his flossing skills.

Something tells us we'll be hearing a lot more from this talented youngster in the years to come.

Elsewhere on the night, Keys gave a shout-out to her other son -- four-year-old Genesis -- while accepting the Innovator award. "Actually, my son Genesis is maybe trying to take Taylor out later tonight," she joked. "He’s working on it not sure how it’s gonna go but it looks pretty good right now!"

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