Meet the 30 Women Vying for 'Bachelor' Colton's Attention

"It’s ok guys, don’t sweat these haters," happily married "Bachelor In Paradise" winner Evan Bass told them.

It won't be til May when Hannah B. gets to give out her first impression rose.

But "Bachelorette" fans were already dishing out their opinions on Thursday as ABC gave its earliest look yet at the 33 hopefuls... and most of those opinions were not very flattering.

Of the 21k comments left so far, around half grumbled about the lack of lookers in the group, while the other half called for boycotts of the season for picking Hannah as "The Bachelorette".

"Dang I swipe better guys on tinder," one wrote.

"Wow. I am underwhelmed but hopefully they have great and charming personalities," a second added.

"I can honestly say I've never seen such slim pickins for dudes on 'The Bachelorette'. Sheesh," a third opined.

"poor hannah ): where are the cute ones at?!" a fourth wondered.

"I liked maybe 5 of them, so either The producers are blind, I'm picky , Or I'm gay because these guys just aren't making my vagina dance," a fifth mused.

Some believed the "poor" selection had to do with the "Bachelorette" herself.

"This is a sad looking bachelor pool, did all of the good looking guys drop out when they found out the bachelorette wasn't Caelynn?" one jibed.

"Bad choice for the bachelorette this year so men just about match up," another snarked.

Some complained of the age differences between the male and female versions of the show ("Why does the Bachelorette tend to have older men while the Bachelor tends to have younger women?") while others actually complained the guys were TOO hot ("Why don't we ever see bachelors or bachelorettes that have some weight on them? That don't look like an old navy commercial or stepped out of an Abercrombie ad? Everyone needs love.")

One person even blamed the cameraman: "Um. Please hire a new photographer and someone who knows how to set up lighting. These pictures are sad."

The guys definitely had some fans: 24-year-old Luke P. from Gainesville Georgia, for example, led the pack with 8.4k likes. Poor Thomas S. from Southfield Michigan meanwhile, could only muster 244 likes thus far.

Amid all the cruel commentary, there was however one person who had words of encouragement — and his words should mean more than most.

"I remember taking one peek at this before my season and literally got like the least amount of likes,' wrote Evan Bass, one of only 12 people who is still with his "Bachelor in Paradise" match.

"It’s ok guys, don’t sweat these haters (or when I crucify you on Twitter)," he added, "it will get better I promise."

The erectile dysfunction specialist was a contestant on season 12 of The Bachelorette in 2016, dumped out by JoJo Fletcher in week five.

However he came back later that year for "Bachelor In Paradise", where he became engaged to Bachelor season 19 contestant Carly Waddell.

The couple wed in June the following year; they now share a daughter Bella who turned one last month.

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