The Best Celebrity Reactions to Surviving 'Tragic' Instagram and Facebook Outage
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"With Facebook and Instagram down, every Fit Tea has filed for bankruptcy," Josh Peck wrote in a tweet.

Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp were all down most of Wednesday, so naturally, celebrities turned to Twitter to talk about it.

In response to the popular social media apps being blacked out, stars posted hilarious reactions -- from complaining over not being able to post pictures to poking fun at Instagram culture.

"Bachelor" star Colton Underwood wrote that he was frustrated about the temporary shutdown because he wanted to "show off" his new girlfriend Cassie Randolph. "Yo @instagram. I just went public with my girlfriend last night and I have to post a few more pictures of us to be annoying/show her off. Can you fix yourself soon?"

Mindy Kaling jokingly hoped the outage would increase her popularity on Twitter. "Instagram and Facebook are down so here we are," she wrote. "Crossing my fingers this is my best performing tweet yet."

Lindsay Lohan tweeted she'd been "hacked" and demanded "@instagram please contact me."

While Cardi B tweeted that she dropped a "big surprise" on Instagram, just for followers to drop the bomb that the app was down.

But it was Nickelodeon star Josh Peck who brought in the most jokes. The actor posted not one, but six tweets about the Instagram and Facebook blackout, where he poked fun at millennials, Instagram influencers and diet teas.

"With Facebook and Instagram down, every Fit Tea has filed for bankruptcy," he wrote in one tweet. "With Facebook and Instagram down, 250 models just became dental hygienists," Peck added in another.

He also joked about people taking photos of beverages on the social media app: "Every second Facebook and Instagram are down, a latte doesn't get its picture taken," he tweeted.

After the world recovered from the social media tragedy and the apps were back online, Facebook, which owns both Instagram and WhatsApp, tweeted an apology Thursday morning to the users, blaming the whole thing on a server issue.

"Yesterday, as a result of a server configuration change, many people had trouble accessing our apps and services," the tweet read. "We've now resolved the issues and our systems are recovering. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate everyone's patience."

When Instagram came back online, people celebrated its triumphant return. Will Smith posted a hilarious video Wednesday of him dancing to popular hip-hop track "Thotiana" to show his excitement that IG was back.

Instagram: Back online. ⁣ ⁣ Me:

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Check out the funny reactions below!

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