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Lincoln's on-screen son has a bone to pick with Emmy and Golden Globe voters.

In "The Walking Dead's" nine seasons on television, it's racked up 15 Emmy nominations, one Golden Globe nom and five Screen Actors Guild Awards nods ... but none of them were celebrating the show's acting. Instead, the show has mainly received accolades from these bigger award ceremonies for its technical successes, with a couple wins and nominations for makeup and stunt work.

For former star Chandler Riggs, that's a problem.

After the actor vented about the show's lack of love from both the Emmys and Golden Globe Awards on his Twitter earlier this month, TooFab caught up with him to find out what set him off.

"I had an audition with this name actor and I was looking through [Wikipedia] just to get more intimidated by the audition and I was like, 'Oh my god, he has all these awards,' and was like, wait a second, Andy [Andrew Lincoln] doesn't ... I went to look on his IMDB and it's like nothing," he told TooFab.

"Andy was on the same level, if not, definitely had way better stuff than the other actor," he continued, not naming names and intending no shade toward anyone who has been nominated in the past.

"I honestly, I have no idea why 'Walking Dead' was always shunned," he continued. "It always won the visual effects awards, which well deserved, they do an incredible job. But I feel like, especially Andy, deserved way more recognition than he got."

"It's really unfortunate to see the academy lean towards other shows and other things," added Riggs, once again stressing he doesn't mean to take anything away from people who were honored. "But it's frustrating to see they didn't get the recognition they deserved on the show."

Shows in the horror, sci-fi, fantasy genre have always had a harder time cracking award season, though series including "Game of Thrones," "Lost," "X-Files" and "American Horror Story" have picked up a few wins over the years.

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