Dean Cain Knocked Around on Twitter for Saying He'd Knock a Teen Protester 'Unconscious'
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The teen protester smacked an egg against the head of an Australian Senator criticized after he blamed Muslims for the New Zealand mass shootings that have left 50 dead.

Dean Cain may have achieved fame by beating up bad guys as Superman on television, but he achieved a different sort of fame on Sunday for saying he'd beat up on a teenage protester.

The former star of "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" inserted himself into a story coming out of New Zealand in the wake of the tragic shootings there late last week. His comments came in response to a tweet from Aussie journalist Deborah Knight, lamenting a politician attacking the teen after he was egged.

Cain's response to the story was twofold. First, he tweeted, "I would have knocked that kid cold." In another response, Cain added, "He would have been unconscious if it were up to me."

Right-winged Australian Senator Fraser Anning had already come under fire for blaming Muslims for the Christchurch attacks when he was hit with an egg on Saturday by the teen protester. Anning turned around and smacked the teen in his face, as reported by Buzzfeed News.

Anning's supporters then proceeded to hit and kick the teen, per Knight's tweet, holding him until authorities arrived. As news of Cain's response to the violence began to spread, Twitter erupted in anger at the former superhero, getting his name among the top trending by Sunday morning.

Below are some of their most passionate, hilarious and surprised responses to Cain's incendiary comments in the wake of a tragedy. And as he proceeded to block those who tagged him in their attacks, they only grew more amused.