Trump Accuses 'SNL' and Late-Night Talk Shows of Collusion with Democrats and Russia
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In a Sunday morning tweetstorm, the president again calls for the FCC and FEC to investigate the "one sided media coverage" of these comedy programs.

It's all a vast conspiracy against President Trump, or at least that's the perception Trump put out there on Sunday morning during his latest tweetstorm.

Once again taking aim at "Saturday Night Live" and the late-night talk shows -- this time after a rerun of "SNL" -- Trump again asked if the FCC or the Federal Election Commission should look into these programs. "There must be collusion with the Democrats and, of course, Russia!"

He went on to add, "such one sided media coverage, most of it Fake News." Hopefully, he was changing the subject mid-thought to start talking about his favorite targets in the media like NBC News and CNN. Otherwise it sounds like he's trying to claim that "Late Show" and "SNL" are part of the media.

If the president was tuned into the Christmas repeat of "SNL" last night, he would have caught the cold open sketch with Alec Baldwin as him in a parody of "It's a Wonderful Life," where they presented a world where Trump never ascended to the presidency.

After Trump's response, "SNL" cast-member Chris Redd just had to jump in, laughing hysterically via emoji at how angry and upset the president got over a rerun.

But perhaps the funniest element of Trump's attack on the first amendment is that it, too, is a repeat. Trump already hate-tweeted at this episode of "SNL" suggesting collusion and the like when it first aired back in December. To his credit, though, he did rewrite his rant so it at least sounded somewhat fresh.

One thing this tells the writers at "Saturday Night Live," though, is that this particular kind of sketch must really sting for the president. And while he may have been joking when he suggested "SNL" and late-night TV was colluding with Russia, it's clear that he's not joking at all about how much he hates being made fun of on these shows.

Of course, that just means they're going to double down and do it even more. Any comedian worth their trade knows exactly what to do with hecklers -- and it never ends well for the heckler.

"Saturday Night Live" returns with a series of three new episodes starting March 30 hosted by Sandra Oh, Kit Harington and Emma Stone. Alec Baldwin might even return to upset Trump even more. And even if he doesn't, the legitimately "fake news" reporting on "Weekend Update" is sure to dig in.

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