Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's Done These Drugs -- Here's Why Dax Wants Her to Try Again!
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"I did MDMA once," she said. "But it wasn't like, I'm at a rave with my shirt off."

On her Goop site she advocates putting all sorts of strange things inside your body — frog venom, coffee enemas, THOSE jade eggs.

And on Monday Gwyneth Paltrow signed up for one more: MDMA.

The actress was chatting with close friend Dax Shepard, who convinced her to try the party drug while making out with someone.

As a special guest on his Armchair Expert podcast, the Oscar-winner was listing her former vices, when she admitted trying ecstasy once before.

"I smoked a pack a day probably until I was 25 years old. Like wake up and light a cigarette, I really was into it. I loved it," she admitted. "I never really did drugs; I mean I tried a couple of things. I've never done mushrooms, I've never done acid."

"I did MDMA once. I feel like it was more of a shamanic experience? I had a lot of trauma come up and I was crying... I think it was productive," she recalled. "But it wasn't like, I'm at a rave with my shirt off."

When the host asked if she made out with someone at the time, she replied in the negative.

"There's few things that feel better in life than making out on MDMA," Dax extolled, insisting she try it, to which she replied: "Okay, I will."

"Okay, maybe I cleared something and I need to try again," she accepted.

Dax himself, who is now sober, revisited some dark times in his life when he was smoking crystal meth.

Joking that he was going to throw an ecstasy party — during which he would remain the sober one to calm anyone who got freaked out, Gwyneth interjected: "That's why I don't do drugs, because that's always me."

She revealed that when she was younger she had in incident in which she smoked too much pot and began hallucinating.

"It really freaked me out, I'm just not a good drugs person," she lamented.

When Dax suggested she might be among the people who couldn't enjoy weed because they always needed to be in control, she sarcastically shot back: "ya think?"

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