'RHONY' Recap: Bethenny Reveals Secret Engagement to Dennis Before Ramona Says the Unthinkable
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"How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs," exclaims Ramona, shocking her co-stars. But that wasn't her only faux pas.

Clambakes and lobsters and diamonds, oh my!

Wednesday's episode of "The Real Housewives of New York" picked up where last week's left off -- with a couple of party crashers arriving at Barbara Kavovit's clambake at her Hamptons home.

Last week, Barbara made the decision to disinvite Dorinda Medley out of respect for Luann de Lesseps, who is newly sober and has been on the outs with Dorin since last season's Jovani debacle. Barbara also left Ramona Singer off the list because she says Ramona snubs her every chance she gets -- but alas, Ramona showed up anyway!

Ramona arrived with Sonja Morgan and Tinsley Mortimer, two guests who actually were invited. Before going inside, however, the blondes -- who were staying on the other side of town with Dorinda -- made a pact to only stay for a half hour.

Ramona walked right over to Barbara and kissed her ass (as Barbara put it), but things with Luann were much more cold. Lu tried to "cut to the chase" and hash out her issues with Ramona right then and there, but Ramona wanted nothing to do with her. She ran over to where Sonja and Barbara were stuffing their faces with delicious looking clams and began to discuss how they could bring Lu and Dorin back together. Ramona and Barbara seemed to be speaking two different languages.

During a later confessional, Sonja was shockingly outspoken about Ramona's comments. "Now Ramona's gonna pretend she's all worried about Luann's recovery?!" she said with a laugh. "Okay, good one. Good one, Ramona. We know that you're not worried about Luann. You just wanna tell everyone that she was out getting drunk. We know what you're doing here."

Shifting gears, Sonja asked Ramona if she had offered Bethenny condolences for losing her boyfriend, Dennis Shields. Ramona said she had -- over text message! Again, Sonja was appalled.

"No, now. Now!" Sonja urged, but Ramona said she had "too much tension going on right now." Whatever that means.

Over on the other side of the party, Tinsley gave Bethenny a big hug and said how sorry she was to hear of Dennis' sudden passing (it was a drug overdose). Tins then innocently commented on the massive diamond ring Bethenny was wearing.

"I feel like he would want me to wear it," Bethenny said. Surprised and embarrassed, Tinsley blurted out, "Oh! It's from him. I'm sorry. I didn't know. Oh, my God. Of course he would want you to wear it. Oh, my God. Wow."

Bethenny later explained the complicated nature of her relationship and engagement to Dennis. She said he popped the question with that very ring during a dinner date in April 2018.

"It was not even close to a perfect relationship," Bethenny said. "Part of me died inside. It was really bad. But I couldn't get out, though, either. I loved him so much and we were family and my daughter was so close to him and I knew him for so many years. He proposed on April 25th. I didn't tell anybody that. I kept it to myself because I didn't want another circus of my life, so I didn't want to start telling people, but we had our own private engagement."

Bethenny said her daughter, Bryn, knew. Not only that, Dennis bought her a ring, too.

"It's funny because he said to me, 'Well, did you say yes?'" she recalled. "And I said, 'Well, I love you and I can't believe you did this, but we have to talk about some conditions and some terms and how things are going to change, issues I've had with partnership and consistency.' It was all very complicated. It wasn't what a natural engagement should be, so our engagement was on ice."

Soon after, Tinsley's alarm went off. It was the alarm she had set to remind her, Ramona and Sonja that it was time leave the party. Everyone was confused, but no one was surprised.

"Maybe you can bring some [food] back for Dorinda?" Barbara offered.

Ramona and Sonja did not take that offer lightly. They wound up packing up entire lobsters and plates of filet mignon and putting them in bags. Tinsley was mortified that her friends were stealing entire lobsters and plates of filet mignon from a party they had been at for only 30 minutes, but Sonja had no regrets.

"I'm not leaving the lobsters," she told the camera. "That's who I am. That's just who I am."

"Who leaves someone's house with multiple lobsters?!" Bethenny vented to the camera. "You know, a little piece of lasagna for the next day, a couple meatballs... She's taking lobsters! Take a f--king sofa! Just take a f--king end table while you're at it."

Luann was just as perplexed. "She stays for half an hour and then she takes a lobster with her," she said. "I've never seen anything like it!"

It's also important to note that Bethenny imitated Ramona's bizarre goodbye in front of all the ladies at the party, and they just about peed their pants. So did we.

So. Did. We.

When the blondes got back to their house, they filled Dorinda in on everything she had missed. The conversation soon turned to the lawsuit that sparked Lu's relapse and second stint in rehab.

"That lawsuit won't be dropped until everything is finalized," Sonja said. "But that's why I asked Bethenny to help her with Dennis and all that 'cause you need a smart guy doing that stuff."

"How smart can Dennis be? I mean, he was on drugs," Ramona blurted out. Sonja's mouth fell to the floor.

"How unsophisticated are you?" she later vented to the camera. "Such a lame statement, an unfeeling towards our friend, Bethenny, who just lost her best friend. I can't do this. Alcohol excuses a lot, but not that statement."

Ramona later apologized on Twitter for her comments:

As for why Ramona and Barbara don't get along, Ramona said, "I met Barbara around 10 years ago through a good girlfriend of mine, but she wasn't really my type of girl 'cause Barbara's kind of a little masculine and manly and rough around the edges, shall we say?"

That's it. That's literally why Ramona doesn't like Barbara and has been snubbing her at parties for years.

"The Real Housewives of New York" airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m.

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