See What the Cast of 'Friends' Looks Like Now!

The former "Friends" star went viral Wednesday night with a video shot outside the iconic apartment building where "Friends" took place.

Courteney Cox is still figuring out Instagram, so it took some urging from her long-time friend Jennifer Aniston to post that viral video of her visiting the iconic "Friends" apartment building.

In fact, Cox told Busy Philipps that she was so clueless the night she filmed the clip that it almost didn't happen at all.

"I was having dinner and someone said, you know, the 'Friends' building is just about two blocks over," she said. "And I was like -- I'm so dumb -- the 'Friends' building? What does that even mean? And they were like, you know, where we filmed it. I didn't remember the interstitial shots from outside. I was like, you mean Stage 24 at Warner Bros?

Thankfully, Cox finally figured out exactly what she meant and we got a perfect viral moment as she shared "The One Where My Rent Went Up $12,000."

Cox said that she was hanging with Aniston Wednesday night when she posted the video. "She's like, 'Post that now, then; let's just see what happens,' 'cause she's not on Instagram yet, either."

She admits she was reluctant to post it that late at night, figuring it would get lost, but it absolutely did not happen. Perhaps its success will help convince Aniston to also join the social media platform. Philipps says she's been working on her, and Cox's story proves she's at least intrigued by it.

Cox has only been on Instagram for 51 days, and she's now posted about "Friends" three times. Her first Instagram photo ever in January was a pic of Lisa Kudrow, Ellen DeGeneres and herself sitting on the famous orange Central Perk couch.

She followed that up with a nod to the famous couch-moving episode that made "pivot" a national expression. Honestly, if Cox is going to keep using Instagram to remind us how great "Friends" was, along with her other fun content, we are here for it.

Keep that nostalgia alive and we don't have to completely give up hope on a reunion, even if Cox told People back in October a reunion or reboot is unlikely. But that's the power of social media, it brings friends together, so maybe it can bring "Friends" together, too.

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