Sophie Turner Has Time of Her Life at a Rangers Game with Joe Jonas

Fallon and Louis-Drefyus go back and forth in a game where they have to guess if the other is lying about some ridiculous object they're looking at.

Jimmy Fallon welcomed Julia Louis-Dreyfus back to "The Tonight Show" and immediately pissed her off by playing "Box of Lies" with her. And she was so nice to exclusively bring him the first-ever "Veep" blooper reel.

While Fallon has a lot of ridiculous games he likes to play with his guests, this one has the potential to be a lot of fun, depending on how game his opponent is to really get into it. Julia went all in, snapping at him right away, "You know what? You're starting to irritate me."

And they were just getting started!

The premise of the game is simple. There are nine random boxes with absolutely nonsensical objects inside of them. Each opponent opens their box and then has to identify what's in it for the other person, who can't see it. Then, it's a matter of deciding if their telling the truth or lying.

What makes it so hard is that Fallon's team genuinely comes up with some absolutely crazy objects. This latest installment included a "Star Wars" Stormtrooper knitting a blanket with a little kitten playing with the ball of yarn, a ping-pong paddle with a light switch on it plugged into an electrical outlet, and a hairbrush of long human hair that's been braided.

When Jimmy tried for a lie during one round, he described his object like this: "It's two contestants from the Masked Singer in a tiny hot tub filled with Jell-O."

There was just one problem. "It's two contestants from what?" Julia shot back, having never heard of the recent Fox hit.

Nevertheless, she fell for his lie because by this point she'd already seen how stupid this game can get. And she didn't do much better when she tried to lie. "I really pride myself on being a good liar," she told him after he called her out. "So I'm incredibly upset right now."

Check out the above video to see who won in the ultimate showdown where Julia's skills were really put to the test.

Elsewhere on the night, Julia shared some fond memories of her years with the cast and crew of her hit HBO series "Veep," which is set to kick off its final season on March 31. With filming already wrapped, she admitted things were pretty emotional as they'd become like family.

And her closest "brother" on the show has been probably Tony Hale, who's played her loyal assistant Gary for the past seven years. That's why she chose a scene she shared with him to show the first ever bloopers from the entire run of the show, sharing them exclusively with "Fallon."

"I think we enjoy the material more than the audience," Julia said of how hard it was for her and Tony to keep it together sometimes. Certainly that was the case with this scene, which she said was made more difficult by a genuinely rancid plate of food they had to share the scene with.

"Veep" returns for its final season on Sunday, March 31 at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.

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